Wedge-shaped edging 43 mm

Product Code: RK43-0
Manufacturer: WARCO
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Wedge-shaped edging RK43 works as a bordering and anti-stumble element for areas paved with 43 mm thick elastic interlocking pavers. RK43 elastic edging is made of black, single-variety rubber granules (from tyre recycling) bonded with polyurethane. It is water-permeable due to micro canals between granules. The edging should be glued to the subfloor with polyurethane glue. Elastic edging is not necessary for completely covered surfaces nor with already existing edging (e.g. a wall).

Important information:

  • format: 500 (l) x 200 (w) x 8/43 (h) mm,
  • weight: 2.5 kg / piece,
  • gluing to the subfloor,
  • installation on bound subfloors,
  • size tolerance: 2%, height tolerance: 2 mm,
  • color and design are subject to production tolerances.