The better floor covering for Swimming pool
Barefoot-friendly with fall protection.

Swimming pool tiles for safe swimming fun at the pool

The natural earth tones of the water-permeable WARCO swimming pool tiles (Terra Cotta colour design) blend in perfectly with the garden landscape in which the pool is located.

Splashing around in the water is refreshing and fun. Swimming in the pool relaxes and keeps you fit. Whether in an inexpensive above-ground pool, a natural swimming pond or an indoor pool. There are many ways to enjoy swimming.

Tiles from WARCO have proven themselves as a pleasant and safe floor covering around the pool for many years. At the family pool in the garden as well as in the communal outdoor pool or in the luxurious adventure pool.

  1. All advantages at a glance
  2. Swimming pool tiles are non-slip and barefoot-friendly
  3. Fall protection - Insulation - Sound insulation
  4. Simply lay the pool floor yourself
  5. Good reasons for WARCO tiles by the pool
  6. How do natural stone, tiles, exposed aggregate concrete or wooden floorboards behave by the pool?

Simply great!

'The slabs are great to lay and have a really great quality. We have them by the pool and it couldn't be better!'

Claudia Ball, September 03, 2019 (Delivery dn204394kh)

All the advantages at a glance - pool tiles made of rubber granulate

A private pool in the garden can be realised even on a small plot of land and at low cost. Pool tiles from WARCO were laid to ensure that the area around the pool does not become muddy, but that the floor is pleasant to walk on and offers fall protection.

Swimming pool tiles from WARCO are a very special floor covering because they

  • are always non-slip on dry and wet surfaces.
  • offer a non-slip, barefoot-friendly surface with a pleasant feel.
  • Prevent injuries and provide fall protection.
  • are well permeable to water and dry quickly.
  • insulate against cold and vibrations and provide good impact sound insulation.
  • are weather and frost resistant for many years.
  • do not rot, crack, splinter or mold and do not flake off.
  • are self-cleaning and can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.
  • can be laid by yourself without special expertise.
  • can usually only be laid loosely on the substrate without installation.
  • are resistant to chlorinated water and UV radiation (colourfast).
  • can be disinfected with alcohol-based disinfectants.
  • create a high-quality, elegant floor appearance with a natural colour scheme.

The most popular pool tiles from WARCO

Swimming pool tiles are non-slip and barefoot-friendly

An outdoor pool is installed in the garden directly adjacent to the terrace. The water-permeable, red WARCO swimming pool tiles ensure safety, dry feet and comfort on the terrace and by the pool.

WARCO swimming pool tiles and pool tiles are highly permeable to water. Rainwater and splash water seep through the tiles quickly - no puddles form. Under the tiles, the water either seeps naturally into the subsoil or drains away on a non-permeable base layer following the gradient through the drainage channels in the underside of the tiles.

Fine dirt on the WARCO panels is simply rinsed through the panels with the spray water. Coarse dirt can be quickly removed with a high-pressure cleaner or a water hose. The swimming pool tiles require no further maintenance. They are therefore low-maintenance and maintenance-free.

The surface of WARCO tiles is slightly roughened - it feels pleasant to the touch. Whether wet or dry, WARCO tile flooring is very slip-resistant. You can walk, run, sit, lie and play on the elastic WARCO floor just like on a natural forest floor. What's more, the rubber granulate swimming pool tiles provide noticeable insulation against the cold; you won't get cold feet.

Fall protection - Insulation - Sound insulation

A hot tub in the garden is a great thing. With a sliding glass Iglo, the bathing season can be extended well into the cooler months of the year. The hot tub stands on water-permeable pool slabs from WARCO.

WARCO pool tiles cushion the steps slightly when walking. This is not only pleasant, but also easy on the joints. And because this pool floor is also non-slip, the risk of slips and falls is minimised. Should a fall nevertheless occur, WARCO pool slabs offer good fall protection. So children can play and romp around the pool safely!

WARCO swimming pool tiles insulate against the cold. The floor feels pleasantly warm when walking, sitting or lying barefoot. Even in direct sunlight, WARCO tiles do not heat up as much as many other floor coverings, as they absorb comparatively little heat.

This pool floor absorbs vibrations, impact and structure-borne noise. This is a particularly useful additional feature for an outdoor pool in a residential area. Because there is simply less noise, be it from splashing around, from water balls flying out of the pool - or from impact noise.

Of course, all WARCO swimming pool tiles are harmless to health.

Super product

'Processing and delivery went smoothly. The slabs are very easy and quick to lay and look great, are pleasantly soft and an ideal surface for a pool terrace.'

Martin Fellinger, 8 August 2017 (Delivery dc930376ka)

Tiles for the area around the whirlpool, sauna pool or plunge pool

Simply lay the pool floor yourself

With WARCO swimming pool tiles, it is very easy to renovate the patio or terrace and the pool at low cost or to create a new, permanently weatherproof pool.

WARCO floor tiles are simply laid on a suitable subfloor - usually without gluing or screwing. This prevents stresses between the base layer and the floor covering. This is why a WARCO floor cannot chip, freeze, break or splinter at the edge of the pool. In addition, the tiles can be removed if necessary without damaging the base layer or the tiles themselves.

Even when renovating a damaged pool deck, a WARCO pool tile is usually laid directly on the existing old surface. Often no preparatory work is required. However, it is sometimes advisable to seal the old decking to prevent further water ingress. For permanent waterproofing, simply use ALLESDICHT.

In the laying instructions, you can find out how easy it is to lay WARCO tiles professionally yourself. And if you don't want to do it yourself, simply hire a craftsman in your neighbourhood.

Super terrace tiles

'It's a shame that I've only just discovered these decking slabs. I had previously installed decking boards (not exactly cheap) on my terrace. I had wooden tiles around our pool. Unfortunately, wood is not a good alternative for a long time, it rots at some point. I will NEVER invest in anything made of wood for floors again. For me there is only WARCO flooring. I recommend this flooring 100 %.'

Roswitha Paust, 8 October 2019 (delivery dn201942ka)

I would buy again

'I have the slabs around the pool, great barefoot feeling. Easy to cut with a jigsaw and the recommended saw blade. Panels are accurate and easy to lay. 1 point deduction for the long delivery time.'

Harald Scheibmayr, 17 June 2019 (Delivery dn174059kh)

Pool tiles for the QUICK-UP POOL

Six convincing arguments in favour of swimming pool tiles from WARCO

  • Water-permeable - fast drying of the surface.
  • Frost-resistant - do not rot or burst.
  • Non-slip - dry and wet.
  • Insulation - heat, cold, sound, fall protection.
  • Easy to clean - with self-cleaning effect.
  • Easy to install - for new builds and renovations.

How do natural stone, tiles, exposed aggregate concrete or wooden floorboards behave by the pool?

This swimming pool in the garden is in need of complete renovation. Not only the concrete pool itself, but also the terrace and coping are completely weathered and need to be renewed.

Natural stone slabs, terracotta and ceramic tiles, as well as wooden and WPC planks and concrete slabs are unpleasantly hard when walking, sitting, lying or playing barefoot. Water splashed from the pool remains standing for a long time and the surface becomes slippery. Ants like to settle under concrete slabs. And with a plank floor, rubbish collects between the supporting timbers.

All of these floor coverings also have a durability problem: ceramic tiles, tiles and natural stone slabs crack, break or chip. Wooden floorboards splinter, crack or rot. WPC deforms and swells. Concrete or exposed aggregate concrete slabs weather.

Ultimately, the laying and installation of these floor coverings always involves a great deal of effort and considerable costs. Replacing tiles or a wooden deck by dismantling and rebuilding is not cheap either. The work usually has to be carried out by specialised tradesmen.

Swimming pool floor with almost invisible joint

Tiles for small pools, whirlpools or sauna pools

Pool tiles for swimming pools, swimming ponds, outdoor pools

Pool underlay and sound insulation

Pool surround only for indoor pool or indoor swimming pool

Accessories for mounting

Waterproofing for the pool

Ein Eimer mit 25 kg WARCO AllesDicht im Farbton blau.

A leaking swimming pool, whether brick, concrete or plastic, can be made permanently watertight again by coating it with WARCO ALLESDICHT.

ALLESDICHT is applied in 3 layers to bridge cracks and remains stretchable up to 200% after drying as a permanently elastic rubber skin. ALLESDICHT is also available in blue.

Substructure for outdoor tiles

Ein Element des WARCO Kunststoff-Wabengitter.

On natural or backfilled ground, i.e. in outdoor areas, the best solution is to lay rubber slabs on a base layer of plastic honeycomb mesh.

Only minor earthworks are required for this. It is sufficient to remove 10 to 15 cm of the existing soil and use chippings and a plastic honeycomb grid to create an ideal, water-permeable base layer with a load-bearing capacity of up to 400 tonnes/m².

Atlantic - one of many colour designs

Verlegebeispiel für die Poolfliese HZ in der Farbe Atlantik.

Fliesen zur Verlegung am und um das Schwimmbecken werden von WARCO in vielen aufregenden Farbdesigns hergestellt.

Some are suitable for areas with chlorinated water, i.e. directly next to the pool, while others are more suitable for areas without or with low chlorine levels.

There are also inexpensive single-colour pool underlays for above-ground pools.