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Ball court tiles - The playing surface for small fields

Here we see a nice basketball  field in use, with a few players on the field. A clever use of two colours of tiles has been implemented to make the middle point of the field clear

For many adolescents, the transition from childhood to adolescence also means the move from playgrounds to small playing fields. Therefore, in private gardens, at schools and sports clubs and in public spaces, there are more and more small playing fields that are used as soccer fields, basketball courts, soccer fields or even tennis courts.

The dimensions of a small field are not fixed, but depend on the planned use and available space. For all small fields, however, the surface must be weatherproof and playable in all seasons. In addition, good ball bouncing and protection in case of falls are required.

With ball playing surfaces from WARCO, any small field can be realized easily and economically.


'Very easy to install! Good ball bouncing properties! Easy to maintain, practically self-cleaning by rain.'

Christian Stepputtis, October 17, 2018

All the benefits of WARCO ball game boards at a glance

  • Play areas can be realized in any size.
  • Durable dovetail joint.
  • Can be used anywhere, even mobile.
  • Defined ball bounce.
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Anti-slip, wet and dry.
  • Vandal resistant installation.
  • Good fall protection.
  • Fire protection class Efl of Cfl-s1.
  • Suitable for playground lines.
  • System for any surface.

WARCO's field surfaces

Just create your own small playing field

A WARCO playing surface consists of handy tiles with a dovetail joint at the edge. So you can lay a surface with these tiles quite quick and easy

A WARCO play surface consists of hand-held tiles with a dovetail joint at the edge. During installation, the individual tiles join together to form a securely bonded carpet of tiles.

For a basketball hoop on the house wall or carport, simply lay 18 mm thick sports floor panels on the concrete interlocking pavement or driveway asphalt.

  • For a small playing field in the garden or on a greenbelt, a base layer of plastic honeycomb grid is made, on which 30 or 40 mm thick ball play tiles are then laid - usually without special edging.
  • For the tennis wall, the 30 mm thick ball playing mats pro (with higher density) are laid directly on a leveled and flat cinder field.
  • A large soccer field or basketball court is laid on plastic honeycomb grids with or without frost protection, depending on the surface. Ball tiles with a thickness of 40 mm are used as the playing surface.

Discover step by step in the practical guide how easy it is to make a small pitch:

How to build a basketball court!

Playing field playable in all weather conditions and all year round

Unlimited playability at any time of the year and in any weather is a unique selling point that distinguishes a playing surface made of WARCO ball playing tiles from other surfaces. Summer or winter, dry or wet - the pitch is playable.

The surface is fully permeable (so no drainage is needed) and dries quickly after rain. There are no puddles, mud or dust blown up by the wind. The playing surface also has a good grip. It is slip-resistant in both wet and dry conditions and offers fall protection.

A pitch surface from WARCO can be used in any climate zone. From East Africa to Central Europe and Iceland, pitches with ball playing surfaces from WARCO have proven their worth.

Playing fields in private gardens and public spaces

Playing field surface for mobile use

Playing field surface for ball game areas up to 30 m² on interlocking paving stones or asphalt

Playing field surfaces for private and public small pitches

Useful accessories for pitch construction on bound and unbound surfaces