The better floor covering for the Playground
Playground surfaces for all weathers

Floor coverings for the playground

In the inner courtyard of a daycare center stands a spherical climbing frame made of pipes on red and green fall protection panels. A group of children on the climbing frame smiles at the viewer.

A playground is an area where children and young people regularly play. A playground does not necessarily have to have play equipment such as swings or climbing frames. A sandpit, a table tennis table or a bouncy game are also part of the typical playground equipment.

Does a playground need a special floor?

Legislation only stipulates a surface with fall protection properties above a certain fall height. This means that for a playground where no play equipment or only play equipment with a low fall height is installed, a grass surface is completely sufficient as a surface. Another question is how long the grass surface can withstand the load as a playground surface.

From a fall height of 100 cm, a floor with fall protection properties should be provided. There are various options here: Fall protection sand, fall protection gravel, bark mulch, wood chips or even fall protection slabs made of rubber granulate.

Every playground surface has its advantages and disadvantages

Poured fall protection made of sand, gravel, bark mulch or wood chips requires constant care and maintenance.

All kinds of dirt, broken glass and bottle caps get into the fall protection. Animals use the playground as a toilet. The poured fall protection must therefore be cleaned or replaced frequently.
The loosely piled up material is played away, carried out or blown away by the wind.Bark mulch and wood chips decompose.

Playing children like to use the fall protection gravel or wood chips as projectiles. This is why the fall protection needs to be topped up again and again.
Fall protection slabs work at any time of year and in any weather.

If the fall protection is poured, there are restrictions on use: It can freeze in frosty conditions. In dry conditions, it creates dust and can cause allergies. When wet, sand, bark mulch or wood chips can compact and lead to mud and puddles.
The initial investment for poured fall protection, i.e. material procurement and installation, is significantly lower than for fall protection slabs.However, the initial cost advantage of poured fall protection is quickly cancelled out by the considerable costs for checking, cleaning and refilling the poured fall protection.

The best-selling playground surfaces from WARCO

Optimally suited

'The tiles are quick and easy to lay. - Ideal for a playground. The floor has a heat-insulating effect and offers good fall protection. Even driving on it with a car is no problem.'

Hans-Dieter Engelmann, 27 April 2017

Green playground flooring

Falls are the most common cause of accidents in children's playgrounds

In the middle of the garden, surrounded by shrubs, there is a play area made of brick-red WARCO playground flooring. A colorful playhouse and a children's slide are available for the children to play on.

In Germany, around 200,000 children are treated in hospital after an accident at home. And in Austria alone, according to the Austrian Road Safety Board (KfV), around 6,900 children are injured so seriously in playgrounds every year that they have to be admitted to hospital. Falls from climbing frames and swings are the most common cause at 69%.

A further 15% of playground accidents are falls due to tripping and slipping. Even without a special reason, it is completely normal for small children who are just learning to walk to fall from time to time.

Playground surfacing that helps to prevent accidents or reduce the consequences of accidents therefore makes sense in all cases, not just for playground equipment with a critical fall height of over 100 cm.

What are the advantages of safety tiles on playgrounds?

View of the central area of a playground in Olsberg with a varied and natural design. The center of the playground consists of a spacious play area made of green fall protection slabs with a small playhouse.

As a shock-absorbing surface on a playground, fall protection slabs made of rubber granulate offer many advantages:

  • Manageable initial investment without further follow-up costs for maintenance and care.
  • Tested fall protection in accordance with EN1177.
  • Non-slip, non-slip surface with a pleasant feel like walking on forest floor.
  • Playground can be used at any time of year and in any weather.
  • Vibration and structure-borne sound insulating; low noise nuisance for neighbours.
  • Open to infiltration - no soil sealing.
  • Relatively low heat absorption in the sun and good insulation against ground cold.
  • Large selection of formats and colours.

Fall height and fall space

The maximum fall height at the play equipment and the fall area around the play equipment must be determined in order to be able to install the fall protection surface in the appropriate safety variant and surface size. For new play equipment, these values can be found in the manufacturer's operating instructions and installation instructions.

Playground safety doesn't end with the flooring

A small children's playground in the form of a round island is currently under construction. The play equipment has already been installed and the base layer for the ground has been laid. The area is edged with chain elements, i.e. interconnected block steps made of rubber granulate.

In addition to the floor, there are other areas on the playground where shock-absorbing elements made of rubber granulate fulfil a useful and protective function:

  • Chain elements, block steps or palisades for edging sandpits, water features or for supporting embankments.
  • Deep kerbs for edging fall protection slabs, beach volleyball courts or paths.
  • Rubber wall covers for protecting walls or seating blocks made of concrete or stone.
  • Kerb cover for securing low kerbs made of concrete.
  • Anti-trip wedges for barrier-free design of transitions between different surfaces

Rubber elements for a safe playground

Lay the playground surface yourself with little effort

A base layer of plastic honeycomb grids is laid in the garden. The honeycomb grids lie on a bed of sand. A man is in the process of preparing the bed for the next ground grids and draws off the sand using a gauge made of pipes.

Laying playground surfacing professionally is child's play. That's why many customers do this work themselves - and save money in the process.

Playground tiles can be laid on any level and permanently stable surface. The surfacing is usually laid directly on concrete, tiles, roofing felt and similar surfaces.

For many years, plastic honeycomb grids filled with chippings have proven their worth as a permanently stable base layer under the playground slabs on natural or backfilled ground.

Under no circumstances should playground slabs be laid directly on sand, gravel or chippings. This is because the small stones or grains of sand under the slabs will migrate to the sides during use - causing dents to form.

Why choose a playground surface from WARCO?

  • Fall protection with EN 1177 certificate.
  • Robust, weather and frost resistant.
  • Playable all year round regardless of the weather.
  • Water-permeable, quick-drying.
  • Does not rot, is not depleted by playing children
  • Non-slip wet and dry.
  • Pleasant - heat, cold and sound insulation.
  • Easy to clean with self-cleaning effect.

For play terraces with bound base course

Playground slabs with plug-in connections - drop height 90 - 300 cm

Playground surfacing with dovetail joint - drop height up to 120 cm

Playground surfacing in BEHATON interlocking paving format

For the design and demarcation of play areas, steps, paths and embankments

For barrier-free access and the protection of concrete components

Aids for installation and surface preparation

Playground flooring - preferably direct from the manufacturer

A climbing frame on a tree with nets. Next to it, a few wooden posts with a punching bag, horizontal bar and swing.

WARCO has been developing and producing molded parts made of PU-bonded rubber granules for over 20 years. The focus is on the quality of the products and the benefits for the user.

Today, WARCO's product range comprises well over 5000 items with a wide variety of properties. In order to be able to recommend exactly the right product for each customer's individual requirements, WARCO maintains a highly qualified service with specialist advisors who can be contacted personally in the WARCO gallery and remotely by telephone, inquiry form or e-mail.

This pays off for customers. Because they receive the best quality, a product that fits perfectly and, thanks to direct sales, a favorable price!