The better floor covering for Messeböden mit Klicksystem
Durable - Easy to clean - Comfortable

Outdoor outfitter and specialist retailer for camping equipment

In the shopping centre, part of the tiled avenue was partitioned off for the special sale of garden furniture. The garden furniture stands on green exhibition floor click tiles.

Design sales areas and exhibitions attractively and conveniently with a WARCO floor, e.g.: Specialist shops for sports equipment - Wintersport, Fahrradhandel etc.

  • Outdoor shop and specialist shop for camping equipment
  • Promotional spaces in retail
  • Motor trade, presentations and motor shows
  • Trade fair stands, events & exhibitions

WARCO floors are suitable for permanent or temporary use and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

WARCO Klicksystem

Each WARCO floor consists of handy tiles that are interlocked in the tile edge to form a tile carpet. Depending on the tile type, seamless floors, classically strict joint patterns or clearly structured surfaces are created. Different formats, surfaces and a large selection of colour designs offer maximum design freedom.

Particularly clever and sustainable: the tiles are usually so secure that they do not need to be bonded to the subfloor. This means that a WARCO floor can be quickly dismantled and re-laid as often as required.

The most popular WARCO floors for shopfitting, trade fairs and events

WARCO offers a wide variety of click tiles for exhibition stand construction or shop fitting

What distinguishes WARCO flooring from other floor coverings?

The pleasant elasticity of the tread ensures particular comfort. It relieves the joints of visitors and employees who stand or walk on the floor for long periods of time.
The non-slip surface is non-slip in both wet and dry conditions and prevents accidents and falls. The fall protection property offers additional safety.
Thanks to its damping properties, the material reduces or absorbs mechanical vibrations as well as the rattling of shoes or rolling noises. The noise level is reduced.
Easy to clean
The flooring is water-repellent and does not absorb moisture. It can be cleaned wet and dry by hand or machine, even with a high-pressure cleaner.
The robust quality is extremely hard-wearing and resistant to wear and mechanical stress.
Environmental friendliness
The floor coverings are made entirely or partially from SBR secondary rubber to conserve resources, making them a particularly environmentally friendly choice.

Design tip

Soiling, e.g. from dirty shoes, is barely visible on a floor with a speckled or polychrome colour design.

Floor coverings for shops & stores

Floor coverings for trade fairs and exhibitions - indoor areas

Outdoor floor coverings for events, trade fairs and exhibitions

Floor coverings for indoor and outdoor activity areas

Wall finish - kerb ramp - wall protection panel - adhesive

WARCO flooring has properties that cannot be found in this combination in any other floor covering!

The I8 from BMW is presented at a trade fair. The super sports car stands on the black event floor from WARCO, which is modelled on the asphalt of a road.

Feel-good floor with passive safety

The floor covering is pleasantly elastic underfoot, whereby the degree of elasticity can be described as "forest floor" or "sports floor" depending on the floor type. Walking on this contract flooring, even over a long working day or trade fair day, puts much less strain on the body than on alternative materials or even concrete.

The resilient floor increases the well-being of employees and visitors and offers particularly good footfall and structure-borne sound insulation.

In addition, WARCO's exhibition flooring has shock-absorbing properties and offers passive safety in the form of fall protection. A falling person or falling objects can thus be protected from damage.

Every WARCO floor has a more or less grainy surface. This makes it non-slip and slip-resistant - an additional comfort and safety aspect.

A group of workers laying green WARCO Outdoor click tiles in the rain on a tiled outdoor area.


Most WARCO click tiles are usually made from SBR rubber granules obtained from discarded tyres. Newly manufactured, full-colour EPDM rubber granules are also used for certain colour designs.

According to the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), the impact on the environment over the life cycle of a WARCO floor is rated as low.

WARCO click tiles can be used as exhibition or event flooring for many years and many trade fairs or exhibitions. This is because the high quality enables multiple use.

And disused click tiles from WARCO can also be put to a new and useful use. Animal shelters throughout Europe are grateful for these floors. They can be used to lay out kennels and runs in an animal-friendly and weatherproof manner.

Classic brick hall designed for an event with a black exhibition floor with puzzle-tooth connection.


If the exhibition stand is outdoors or if an event is taking place in the open air, the floor covering used must be weatherproof - just like the outdoor click tiles.

This is because the material of the outdoor click tiles - rubber granulate and PU - is absolutely water and frost resistant. With a surface made of EPDM rubber granulate, the outdoor click tiles are even UV-resistant in the long term and largely colourfast.

An exhibition floor made of outdoor click tiles is fully permeable to water. When it rains, no puddles form on the surface as the rainwater drains away quickly through the tiles. The exhibition stand always looks inviting and neat and the floor is non-slip even when wet.

Setting up and dismantling the stand is just as easy in the rain as it is in the sunshine. This is because the WARCO click tiles are simply laid on the substrate without gluing and form a stable carpet of tiles by themselves.