The better floor covering for the Homegym
Your floor for successful training

Fitness flooring for the home gym and fitness room at home

WARCO's elastic rubber granulate floor mats are ideal for training. For gymnastics, fitness, yoga or martial arts, WARCO's resilient and joint-friendly flooring is the ideal surface.

Perfect for the home gym

'I got 6 square metres of the mats second-hand from a friend a few years ago. I have now ordered some directly from WARCO to expand my home gym and have to say: I spend a lot of time in gyms, most gym floor coverings are of poorer quality and sometimes cost a lot more. Nothing needs to be glued down and the weight of the mat and the puzzle mat design mean that everything holds firmly. The mats that I got from my friend were previously in a professional CrossFit box and were subjected to intensive use, but they are in no way inferior to the new ones, with zero wear and tear in the end. I would buy the mats again at any time and can recommend them without reservation.'

Stefan Müller, 30 January 2020, Delivery dn252645ks

All advantages at a glance

2 children boxing on punching bag, black fitness mat from WARCO offers good fall protection and support.
  • non-slip and slip-resistant - secure footing
  • Barefoot-friendly surface - pleasant feel
  • Good fall protection - avoidance of injuries
  • Good damping of vibrations & structure-borne noise
  • Insulating against cold floors
  • protect the floor underneath
  • Diffusion-open and moisture-resistant
  • Easy to clean - mop, hoover
  • Alcohol-based disinfectants can be used
  • Robust and durable - best quality
  • Large selection of designs - from inexpensive to elegant
  • The right floor type for every training profile
  • Convenient delivery by post or forwarding agent
  • Simply place on the existing substrate
  • Harmless to health - raw materials tested

The most popular floor for the fitness room

Fitness flooring direct from the manufacturer - quality you can touch!

Studio with black WARCO panels, without exercisers. Fall-protecting and inexpensive.

With WARCO fitness floors, you are choosing good, healthy quality at favourable prices directly from the manufacturer. In contrast, goods from the Far East offered on the Internet often have an acrid chemical odour.

Particularly when there is frequent skin contact with the floor, it is reassuring to know that a fitness floor with an EPDM surface fulfils the legal requirements for toys for small children.

Of course, a WARCO fitness floor is maintenance-free and easy to clean. All you need to clean the fitness room is a hoover, mop or multi-surface cleaner.

You can feel the good quality every time you train on WARCO fitness flooring. That's why a WARCO fitness floor has a particularly long service life when used properly - and that pays off.

A suitable floor variant for every training programme

A home gym, i.e. a room in the house that is used for fitness training, is a great thing.  Puzzle mats made of rubber granulate protect the floor and provide insulation.

A fitness floor is elastic by nature. It consists of finely ground rubber (rubber granules) mixed with a permanently elastic binder and pressed into a mould to form a slab.

The elasticity of a fitness floor can be influenced. This is done by changing the pressure during pressing or by moulding a structure into the underside. This results in fitness floors for very different types of training.

Every WARCO fitness floor absorbs vibrations and impact sound. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the slab, the better the insulation and the better the insulation against cold floors - which is great for home gyms.

Every WARCO fitness floor is resilient and slip-resistant. During training, it offers the foot a secure and stable footing - without the foot sinking into the floor.

The product finder - find the right fitness floor for your personal training profile


Read for yourself how Thomas Krakow created his home gym with the CZ fitness mat from WARCO!

Running tomy - A floor for my home gym

How good is laminate, parquet, tiles or concrete in the fitness room?

A sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing floor covering is particularly important for fitness training with dumbbells, kettlebells or kettlebells.  After all, not only should the work out be comfortable and safe, but the building, floor and neighbours should also be protected.

An ergometer can be set up anywhere in the house where there is space. Even with a yoga mat, it doesn't matter whether it is rolled out on the carpet in the bedroom or on the tiles in the kitchen. But as soon as your sporting ambitions grow, it's time for a new floor covering.

Parquet, laminate, tiles, tiles, concrete or carpet are hardly suitable for a real workout:

Dumbbells or kettlebells damage the screed.

  • A hard floor covering puts strain on the musculoskeletal system.
  • Parquet, laminate and tiles can be slippery and do not provide a secure footing.
  • Device vibrations and structure-borne noise disturb the neighbourhood.


'Can be laid very well. Is nice and thick and sure-footed. Very suitable for our private fitness room.'

Folkert Buisman, 23 April 2018, Delivery dn010386kl

Installing WARCO fitness panels - child's play!

It is child's play to install WARCO fitness flooring, which is equipped with a form-locking assembly system, the zip interlocking, also known as puzzle interlocking, on a subfloor on parquet or laminate at home in the fitness room or home gym.

WARCO fitness tiles are quick and easy to install. You don't need a tradesman or any special tools. Simply follow the installation instructions.

Place the fitness plate on a stable and level surface. Almost all WARCO fitness floors are equipped with an advanced dovetail interlocking system at the edges. The interlocking connects the individual tiles in a form-fitting manner to form a permanently stable tile carpet. It is not usually necessary to glue the tiles to the subfloor.

The dovetail or puzzle connection also makes it possible to dismantle the fitness floor if necessary and lay it again in the same or another location.

6 good reasons for a WARCO fitness floor in your home gym

  • Insulates structure-borne noise, vibrations & shocks
  • protects the musculoskeletal system & building fabric
  • Non-slip & slip-resistant with fall protection
  • Barefoot-friendly with a pleasant feel
  • The right surface variant for every sport
  • Buy ex works, install yourself, long service life

Fitness room floor with (almost) invisible joint

Thin sports floor - high abrasion resistance with low cushioning

Universal floor protection mats with good cushioning

Sports floor for movement-intensive training

Homegym floor with artificial turf surface

Accessories for the gym floor

Fitness flooring from WARCO - a smart choice

The elasticated fitness floor protection mats from WARCO provide noticeable insulation against the cold from below. This makes training on the fitness floor protection mats really fun. Whether you are walking, sitting or lying on the floor protection mats: Contact with the floor protection mats is always wonderfully comfortable.

Fitness floor protection mats from WARCO dampen vibrations (equipment vibrations or impact sound) and absorb kinetic energy like a shock absorber. The thicker and more elastic the floor protection mat - with sufficient firmness - the better the damping.

WARCO's fitness floor protection mats therefore have a lot in common with a natural forest floor: gently springy but firm.

The sum of its advantageous properties makes a fitness floor from WARCO clearly superior to other sports floors. This is why over 500 fitness centre operators worldwide rely on WARCO sports floors.