The better floor covering for Exhibitions & Sales areas
Durable - Easy to clean - Comfortable
Der bessere Bodenbelag für Exhibitions & Sales areas
Neue Elemente braucht der Boden
Der bessere Bodenbelag für Exhibitions & Sales areas
Neue Elemente braucht der Boden

Outdoor outfitter and specialist retailer for camping equipment

The I8 from BMW is presented at a trade fair. The super sports car stands on the black event floor from WARCO, which is modelled on the asphalt of a road.

Design sales areas and exhibitions attractively and conveniently with a WARCO floor, e.g.: Specialist shops for sports equipment - Wintersport, Fahrradhandel etc.

  • Outdoor shop and specialist shop for camping equipment
  • Promotional spaces in retail
  • Motor trade, presentations and motor shows
  • Trade fair stands, events & exhibitions

WARCO floors are suitable for permanent or temporary use and can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Form & Design

Each WARCO floor consists of handy tiles that are interlocked in the tile edge to form a tile carpet. Depending on the tile type, seamless floors, classically strict joint patterns or clearly structured surfaces are created. Different formats, surfaces and a large selection of colour designs offer maximum design freedom.

Particularly clever and sustainable: the tiles are usually so secure that they do not need to be bonded to the subfloor. This means that a WARCO floor can be quickly dismantled and re-laid as often as required.

What distinguishes WARCO flooring from other floor coverings?

The pleasant elasticity of the tread ensures particular comfort. It relieves the joints of visitors and employees who stand or walk on the floor for long periods of time.
The non-slip surface is non-slip in both wet and dry conditions and prevents accidents and falls. The fall protection property offers additional safety.
Thanks to its damping properties, the material reduces or absorbs mechanical vibrations as well as the rattling of shoes or rolling noises. The noise level is reduced.
Easy to clean
The flooring is water-repellent and does not absorb moisture. It can be cleaned wet and dry by hand or machine, even with a high-pressure cleaner.
The robust quality is extremely hard-wearing and resistant to wear and mechanical stress.
Environmental friendliness
The floor coverings are made entirely or partially from SBR secondary rubber to conserve resources, making them a particularly environmentally friendly choice.

The most popular WARCO floors for shopfitting, trade fairs and events

Haute-Nendaz: Sports shop and ski hire with extra service

Behind two counters in the Gaby Sports ski shop are stands with various ski models. The floor is covered with indoor click tiles from WARCO in the colour Rattan Lounge.

For almost five decades, Gaby Sports in Haute-Nendaz in the Swiss canton of Valais has been offering innovative equipment and services for mountain and winter sports.

In winter, the offer includes the sale and hire of ski and snowboard equipment as well as a ski and snowboard service. It is also possible to have skis and ski boots serviced and stored overnight.

The high customer frequency, the amount of snow and the load from skis, ski poles and ski boots are the reasons why Gaby Sport opted for an 18 mm thick WARCO floor. This was laid both in the shop and in the service area.

Künzelsau-Gaisbach: In-house exhibition at the world market leader

A covered path leads to the individual subject areas at the Würth Information Days 2019. All floor areas are covered with the black exhibition floor click tile.

The first Würth Innovation Days took place at the CARMEN WÜRTH FORUM from 6 to 14 April 2019. Customers and interested parties were offered an exciting programme. Numerous products could be tried out under practical conditions in the themed workshop area, a specially set up exhibition on the outdoor area.

An 18 mm thick WARCO floor was chosen for all surfaces in the workroom area, the connecting paths and the individual pavilions. The non-slip floor not only perfectly matches the ambience of the exhibition and is safe to walk on in wet and dry conditions, it also prevents the noise typical of a tent floor made of boards or panels when walking on it.

Hanover: Mass accommodation in a sports hall

An event floor is laid in a large sports hall. This consists of rubber granulate mats in an interlocking paving design. The event floor protects the hall's sensitive sports floor from damage.

The tasks of the riot police, the helicopter squadron, information technology, service dogs and vehicle fleet management are bundled in the Lower Saxony Central Police Headquarters in Hanover.

The site in Hanover is home to a large sports hall that has been temporarily converted into shared accommodation. To protect the sensitive sports floor from damage and to increase comfort for the residents, the entire hall floor was covered with 15 mm elastic interlocking paving mats within a few hours. Once the work was completed, the floor could be removed without leaving any residue and stored for further use.

Argentan: Action area in the Centre E. Leclerc

In the shopping centre, part of the tiled avenue was partitioned off for the special sale of garden furniture. The garden furniture stands on green exhibition floor click tiles.

E.Leclerc is the market leader in the French retail sector. The store network largely consists of hypermarchés, which offer a wide range of non-food products in addition to food. There is also an E.Leclerc hypermarket on the outskirts of the small northern French town of Argentan in Normandy.

The store management purchased WARCO panels in the "English lawn" colour design to present the seasonal garden and outdoor products in the shopping centre in a way that promotes sales. This means that attractive promotional areas can be quickly realised as clearly demarcated green spaces at any location and in any format.

Paris: Event on the Champs-Élysées

BMW presents the first electric mobility models with an information stand on the Champs-Élysées in Paris: BMW i3, BMWi8, BMW C. The vehicles stand on black event flooring from WARCO.

Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft, or BMW AG for short, is a leading manufacturer of automobiles and motorbikes. Sustainable mobility solutions have been offered under the BMW i sub-brand since 2013.

The first models, the electrically powered BMW i3, the plug-in hybrid super sports car BMW i8 and the electric scooter BMW C evolution, have achieved icon status.

The revolutionary vehicles and charging concept were presented at an event on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.  The black event floor from WARCO, which was made from tyre granulate, fitted perfectly into the concept of sustainability.

Floor coverings for shops & stores

Floor coverings for trade fairs and exhibitions - indoor areas

Outdoor floor coverings for events, trade fairs and exhibitions

Floor coverings for indoor and outdoor activity areas

Wall finish - kerb ramp - wall protection panel - adhesive

The right floor

The click tiles that make up WARCO flooring for exhibition stand and shop fitting are made of PU-bonded rubber granulate. A wide range of formulations makes it possible to supply exactly the right floor with the right properties for every application. Tiles from WARCO are therefore often the ideal floor for trade fair and shop fitting as well as for events and exhibitions.

WARCO flooring has properties that cannot be found in this combination in any other floor covering!

The close-up of an event floor with an imprinted joint pattern of interlocking paving (H or bone stone) shows the fine-grained structure of the surface.

Feel-good floor with passive safety

The floor covering is pleasantly elastic underfoot, whereby the degree of elasticity can be described as "forest floor" or "sports floor" depending on the floor type. Walking on this contract flooring, even over a long working day or trade fair day, puts much less strain on the body than on alternative materials or even concrete.

The resilient floor increases the well-being of employees and visitors and offers particularly good footfall and structure-borne sound insulation.

In addition, WARCO's exhibition flooring has shock-absorbing properties and offers passive safety in the form of fall protection. A falling person or falling objects can thus be protected from damage.

Every WARCO floor has a more or less grainy surface. This makes it non-slip and slip-resistant - an additional comfort and safety aspect.


Every WARCO exhibition floor or shop floor is robust and hard-wearing. It can withstand the impact of high-heeled shoes, spikes, ski poles and skis and, of course, typical shop or exhibition furniture without leaving marks on the floor. The floor can even be driven on.

This distinguishes it from sensitive parquet, laminate or vinyl flooring, which can even cause foot traffic.


WARCO tiles, which are only used in areas protected from the weather, are water-repellent. Tiles for indoor and outdoor use are water-permeable and quick-drying.

All tiles can be swept, vacuumed and damp-cleaned with a mop or floor cleaning machine. Outdoors or in suspended structures, they can be sprayed with a water hose or high-pressure cleaner.

Economic efficiency

WARCO's handy click tiles are easy on the budget for your exhibition stand or shop, both in terms of purchase and quick and easy installation on any suitable surface.

WARCO click tiles are generally not glued to the subfloor. This floor covering can therefore be completely or partially removed and reinstalled without causing damage.

Classic brick hall designed for an event with a black exhibition floor with puzzle-tooth connection.


Most WARCO click tiles are usually made from SBR rubber granules obtained from discarded tyres. Newly manufactured, full-colour EPDM rubber granules are also used for certain colour designs.

According to the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), the impact on the environment over the life cycle of a WARCO floor is rated as low.

WARCO click tiles can be used as exhibition or event flooring for many years and many trade fairs or exhibitions. This is because the high quality enables multiple use.

And disused click tiles from WARCO can also be put to a new and useful use. Animal shelters throughout Europe are grateful for these floors. They can be used to lay out kennels and runs in an animal-friendly and weatherproof manner.

A group of workers laying green WARCO Outdoor click tiles in the rain on a tiled outdoor area.


If the exhibition stand is outdoors or if an event is taking place in the open air, the floor covering used must be weatherproof - just like the outdoor click tiles.

This is because the material of the outdoor click tiles - rubber granulate and PU - is absolutely water and frost resistant. With a surface made of EPDM rubber granulate, the outdoor click tiles are even UV-resistant in the long term and largely colourfast.

An exhibition floor made of outdoor click tiles is fully permeable to water. When it rains, no puddles form on the surface as the rainwater drains away quickly through the tiles. The exhibition stand always looks inviting and neat and the floor is non-slip even when wet.

Setting up and dismantling the stand is just as easy in the rain as it is in the sunshine. This is because the WARCO click tiles are simply laid on the substrate without gluing and form a stable carpet of tiles by themselves.

WARCO offers a wide variety of click tiles for exhibition stand construction or shop fitting

In closed rooms, i.e. in a shop, exhibition hall or exhibition, the water-repellent indoor click tiles with a more bullet-porous structure have proven their worth.

When used outdoors or in tents, i.e. for an outdoor exhibition stand or an outdoor event, the water-permeable outdoor click tiles should be laid.

All click tiles are available in a variety of colours, e.g. plain, speckled or multi-coloured, as well as in different surfaces. Customised colour designs are also possible within the scope of the available basic colours. 

In addition, the stand builder can coat individual floor tiles or the entire stand area with a suitable, permanently elastic PUR paint in the individual colour of choice.

Design tip

Soiling, e.g. from dirty shoes, is barely visible on a floor with a speckled or polychrome colour design.

Whether exhibition stand, shop or event - everyone benefits from a resilient floor covering from WARCO:

After the work is done, a Zentis team lines up for a souvenir photo. The men and women stand on green WARCO flooring.

Visitors and employees - feel at ease on the naturally resilient floor covering and do not complain of aching limbs even after hours of standing.

Management - is pleased with the low investment, motivated employees, good business and a floor covering with a long service life.

Architect - is delighted with an event floor with exceptional properties and a wide range of design options.

Messebauteam - is delighted with the problem-free and hard-wearing exhibition floor, which can be set up and dismantled quickly, is easy to clean and does not make any demands during transport and storage.