The better floor covering for Dogs
Comfort and safety

Floor coverings for keeping dogs and sports with dogs

Play and sport with dogs, whether as a family, in agility or dog dancing, is best done on a non-slip and weatherproof dog floor covering from WARCO.

A natural floor is often, but not always, the best floor for dogs. For intensive use, on the training ground, in the dog hall or in the kennel, a better floor must be found. Rubber granulate floors from WARCO are perfect for keeping and exercising dogs. Find out all about it here.

  1. All advantages at a glance
  2. Which floor do dogs prefer?
  3. What are the advantages of a dog sports floor?
  4. All-season flooring for dog yards and kennels
  5. Simply laid
  6. Feel-good flooring for people and animals

Ideal floor covering

'Very good, ideal floor covering for dog sports hall. The tiles were laid very quickly and without any problems. You walk very well on it, it is non-slip and insulates very well. The dogs feel very comfortable on this flooring.'

Regina Gutberlet, January 8, 2018, Delivery dc984731nv

All advantages at a glance - dog mats made of rubber granulate

Ein schwarzer Hund liegt auf braunen Warco-Hundeplatten vor einem Napf mit Wasser.
  • Pleasantly grippy and paw-friendly surface.
  • Non-slip in wet and dry conditions.
  • Dog mats with good water permeability for outdoor use.
  • Dog sports flooring with low water permeability for indoor use.
  • Insulate well against cold and vibrations - Dampen sound.
  • Heat up less in sunlight than concrete, tiles or asphalt.
  • Are weather and frost resistant.
  • Do not rot, break, splinter or mold.
  • Easy to clean with a garden hose or pressure washer.
  • Can be laid by yourself without special expertise.

WARCO dog flooring is therefore a comfortable, safe and practical all-year-round floor covering for dog sports and keeping dogs, both indoors and outdoors.

Which floor do dogs prefer?

Dog's paw relaxing on a red slab of rubber granules.

Three surfaces were available for comparative observation of the dogs' reaction to different floor coverings:

  • Lawn
  • Concrete paving
  • Dog mats made from rubber granules

The group of dogs observed preferred the rubber granulate floor for romping and playing in the absence of their human caregivers. The grass is in second place in the dogs' favor, the concrete pavement is avoided. Jumps and quick turns take place almost exclusively on the rubber granulate floor.

In the same observation group, it was found that the dogs almost always lay on the rubber granulate floor to doze and, after it had been removed, chose individual, randomly distributed rubber granulate slabs on the concrete paving.

The most popular dog mats from WARCO

What are the advantages of a dog sports floor?

Indoors, in a dog school or a dog training hall, WARCO rubber granulate slabs provide a non-slip and elastic training surface.

WARCO's dog sports flooring consists of handy tiles that are firmly connected to each other by an integrated connection system and no longer slip once laid. However, the tiles can also be easily removed and laid again elsewhere.

All WARCO products are developed and manufactured in such a way that they have exactly the right properties for the intended use. For dogs, "just right" means that they can move easily and safely on the floor in any situation. When the dog is lying down, the floor should be pleasantly warm and dry.

Paws and claws find a secure hold on the dog sports floor and the other dog mats from WARCO, even during very dynamic movements such as agility. The non-slip floor has a good grip and is slightly elastic. Claws and paws do not slip, but can be optimally supported - without the risk of abrasions or injuries.

All-season flooring for dog yards and kennels

A spacious, weatherproof kennel for St. Bernard dogs is complemented by a generous run lined with elastic rubber granulate floor tiles. A clean and natural environment for the dogs.

The highly water-permeable rubber granulate dog mats are permeated with an invisible network of micro-channels. These allow water and urine to seep away quickly into the ground. This prevents annoying puddles and the floor dries quickly after a rain shower.

Every dog owner knows that a meadow used by dogs quickly becomes muddy when it rains. With dog mats from WARCO, however, kennels and dog runs always stay clean and tidy.

WARCO mats are also highly resistant to weathering and frost. They do not rot or rot and are resistant to breakage, tearing and splintering. The dog mats are hard-wearing and can withstand mechanical stress from dogs. A dog area covered with WARCO mats can be used all year round and in all weathers without restriction.

The self-cleaning effect makes maintenance easy: fine dirt particles are flushed out with the rainwater through the micro-channels in the tiles.

Is the dog healthy?

Dogs feel at home on WARCO's elastic rubber granulate flooring. The floor is very well accepted as a lying mat and for sports. A WARCO floor protects the dog. It insulates against cold and wet, protects paws and provides fall protection.

WARCO floor coverings - easy to install

Installing WARCO's insulating dog panels is very easy, both outdoors and indoors. No special expertise is required.

Hardly any other floor is as easy to install as a WARCO floor. That's why most customers lay WARCO floors themselves. Of course, a local craftsman can also be commissioned to lay the floor. No special expertise or training is required.

Almost any level and permanently load-bearing substrate is suitable as a base layer: for example concrete, asphalt, interlocking paving, slit flooring, grating or roofing felt.

In the case of natural soil, on a meadow or sandy soil, a base layer should be laid using plastic honeycomb grids (lawn grids). This is much easier and cheaper than building a base layer of gravel and chippings. And the base layer made of plastic honeycomb grids also holds up much better.

Laying the tiles is particularly easy and safe thanks to the uncomplicated connection system integrated directly into the mats. This is because the zipper connection of the puzzle teeth on the edge of the tiles joins the individual dog mats together to form a firmly connected and stable tile carpet.

Dog mats made of rubber granulate - superior to other floor coverings!

  • for outdoors: quick-drying, frost-resistant
  • for indoors: closed surface
  • Insulates against cold floors and heats up little
  • non-slip, slip-resistant and easy on the joints
  • Easy to lay on any stable base layer
  • Robust and durable - manageable investment

Dog mats from WARCO - feel-good flooring for humans and animals

A rabbit and a dog enjoy their time in peaceful harmony on a patio covered with a resilient and heat-insulating floor covering from WARCO.

It's not just dogs that love the comfort and safety of WARCO dog mats. Many other pets, such as cats or rabbits, also feel really at home on the natural-looking tiles.

People also benefit from the advantageous properties of WARCO slabs. That is why more and more terraces and balconies are being covered with good WARCO slabs. People and pets benefit from this.

Speaking of benefits: The environment also benefits, because the footprint and carbon footprint of WARCO boards are sometimes even more favorable than wooden decking!

WARCO panels are available in many different variants for many applications and in up to 60 different color designs. There is something for every taste!

Universal dog mats

Dog mats with increased abrasion resistance for sport and training

Mats for kennels and catteries

Accessories for installation and assembly