The better floor covering for the Balcony
Comfortable and frost-resistant.

Balcony covering for new builds and renovations

Brown balcony slabs are laid on a balcony. They match the wooden railings perfectly. The view goes down into the garden to a swimming pool.

A beautiful balcony is attractive for residents and enhances any building. However, balconies are constantly exposed to changing weather conditions. This leads to typical problems with many floor coverings. Here you can find out how to permanently avoid these problems with balcony flooring from WARCO.

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  4. Simple floating installation
  5. Impact sound insulation and fall protection
  6. Balcony floor with pleasant temperature
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Very good *****

'The tiles are quick and easy to lay, even for non-professionals. It feels great to walk on, even barefoot. The material only smelled a little for a few hours and then disappeared. Conclusion: We now have a super terrace. 100% recommendation.'

Wolfgang Zier, September 19, 2018, Delivery dn074697ik

The advantages at a glance

There are weathered wooden tiles on a balcony. The balcony area is renovated by laying Warco balcony slabs in the Rattan Lounge color design. A man cuts a slab to size for laying.
  • WARCO balcony slabs are usually laid directly onto the existing substrate - gluing or screwing is not necessary. The balcony flooring adapts to slight unevenness.
  • Balconies with balcony floor panels made of wood, multiplex, sheet metal or grating are effectively soundproofed thanks to the excellent impact sound insulation of the rubber granulate panels.
  • Leaking balcony floor slabs can be made permanently watertight and safe to use with the system consisting of ALLESDICHT thick-layer sealant and WARCO balcony slabs.
  • The surface of WARCO balcony slabs is non-slip and slip-resistant. It offers fall protection, is pleasant to the touch and invites you to walk barefoot. The surface is water-permeable, dries quickly and insulates against cold ground temperatures.
  • Balcony decking from WARCO is weather and frost resistant. By nature, it cannot break, crack, splinter, mold or flake off.
  • WARCO balcony slabs are maintenance-free and low-maintenance.

The right balcony covering for every balcony type

Cantilevering of the storey ceiling
The balcony protrudes from the building façade as an extension of the storey ceiling. These balconies are particularly susceptible to ageing and weather damage.

Balcony decking from WARCO is the ideal solution for cantilevered balconies. The slightly elastic balcony slabs can usually be laid directly onto the existing covering. Cracks and leaks can be permanently sealed with ALLESDICHT.
Attached or Front Balcony
An add-on or front balcony is a balcony that is usually added later, often made of wood or metal, which is attached to the building or placed on supports in front of the building.

WARCO balcony decking can be laid directly on floorboards, on roofing felt, on gratings or on material panels. Particularly interesting: the impact-elastic balcony slabs offer excellent impact sound insulation and soundproof the balcony.
The loggia is an outdoor seating area within the cubature of the house - an open space. In the area of the loggia, the outer wall is set back into the building.

WARCO offers thin, easy-care and weather-resistant balcony tiles as flooring for the loggia, which are usually laid directly on the floor of the loggia. In the event of cracks and leaks, the loggia floor can be easily and permanently sealed with ALLESDICHT.

WARCO's best-selling products for the balcony

Sealing & covering

WARCO provides you with a perfectly coordinated system for the balcony floor slab: the waterproofing and the balcony covering. The special thing about it: you can carry out all the work yourself, the waterproofing can be easily applied with a notched trowel and connections and penetrations can also be worked on easily and safely. ALLESDICHT is supplied as a viscous compound, can be diluted with water and, once dry, forms a rubber skin at least 2 mm thick with an expansion capacity of at least 200 % - even if the balcony slab is subject to strong stresses, it is permanently and securely sealed.

The product finder

Find exactly the balcony decking that suits your balcony and your requirements here. The product finder will guide you to your new balcony decking in just a few steps.

Superior to other balcony coverings in terms of its overall properties!

  • Weather-resistant and frost-proof
  • Water-permeable and quick-drying
  • Dry and wet slip-resistant
  • Insulates heat, cold, vibrations, sound
  • Easy to clean with self-cleaning effect
  • Easy to install for new builds or renovations

See how others have realized their dream of a beautiful balcony

WARCO balcony slabs - easy floating installation

Two rows of brown tiles on a canopy. The view falls into a garden with a green hedge. The floor-to-ceiling windows are open.

The handy balcony slabs from WARCO can be simply laid on the existing balcony floor slab. Without any screws or gluing. An elaborate substructure is not necessary. It is sufficient if the substrate under the balcony slabs is relatively level, permanently stable and well drained.

This floating installation is particularly advantageous, as the decoupling of the balcony floor slab and balcony covering prevents stresses between the different layers in the structure. Such stresses often lead to spalling or cracks in bonded slabs or tiles.

A dovetail joint (also known as a puzzle or zipper system) is integrated into the edges of WARCO balcony slabs. During installation, the interlocking interlocks and connects the slabs to form a uniform carpet of slabs. However, the connection is reversible, i.e. if necessary, the tiles can be removed individually or completely and laid again in the same or another position.


A balcony with rubber granulate flooring is a great place to sit, play and lie down. The sound-absorbing floor feels pleasantly warm. It ensures peace and relaxation on the balcony.

Comfort flooring with footfall sound insulation and fall protection

Black dog lying on balcony with gray balcony tiles. Two chairs and a table stand by the house. A brown wooden railing offers a view of green trees.

Noises on the balcony such as furniture moving or shoes clattering are often perceived as annoying. Balcony flooring from WARCO provides a remedy here. This is because the covering is elastic underfoot and absorbs vibrations. This prevents rolling, grinding, tapping and scraping noises from occurring in the first place. Even high-movement fitness training can be carried out silently on WARCO flooring.

Balcony slabs made of pu-bonded rubber granulate are elastic, i.e. permanently flexible and yielding. Nevertheless, garden furniture, flower pots etc. are stable and secure - without leaving marks. Even high heels can walk safely on WARCO flooring. The heel does not sink in and the foot does not twist.

WARCO flooring brings a wonderfully pleasant barefoot feeling to the balcony, comparable to the feeling of walking on naturally firm forest flooring. And it increases safety: the tiles are water-permeable and slip-resistant. In the event of a fall, they provide good fall protection - important for children or senior citizens.

Feel-good comfort

The microscopically small air pockets between the rubber granules and the air cushions in the drainage on the underside of the slabs ensure that WARCO slabs offer significantly better thermal insulation and absorb considerably less solar heat than coverings made of ceramic, natural stone, WPC, concrete or plastic.

Balcony floor with pleasant temperature

A young family has designed their roof terrace as a feel-good oasis with a seating area, barbecue, bonsai and insulating patio flooring from WARCO in the color design concrete grey. The family's baby lies directly on the elastic decking, separated only by a child's blanket.

If you walk barefoot on a concrete, tiled, stone or WPC decking floor on a sunny summer's day, you will feel it immediately: this floor heats up considerably. And at night, it radiates unpleasant heat for many hours. On cool days, on the other hand, you get really cold feet. In contrast, WARCO flooring Little radiant heat and isolated noticeable against cold floors.

The pleasant feel-good properties of WARCO floor coverings can be objectively demonstrated in a comparison between rubber, marble (natural stone) and EPS polystyrene.

The heat capacity, i.e. the amount of energy that must be expended to increase the temperature of 1 kg of material by 1° C, is 1.6 kJ for rubber, 0.8 kJ for marble and 1.6 kJ for EPS. In simple terms: marble heats up twice as fast as rubber or polystyrene.

The difference in thermal conductivity is even clearer: polystyrene with a λ value of 0.03 is a particularly good insulating material, for rubber the λ value is 0.16 and for marble, a very poor insulating material, it is 2.8.


Balcony flooring from WARCO remains beautiful for many years with little maintenance. There is a large selection of surfaces and color designs to suit every taste and budget.

Practical and affordable

From above, you look out onto a balcony covered with gray and blue terrace tiles and framed with a modern stainless steel railing.

Balcony slabs from WARCO are fully permeable to water. No puddles remain on the balcony after rain. When the water seeps through the slabs, it simply takes the fine dirt with it - the "self-cleaning effect".

You can remove coarse dirt with a water hose, high-pressure cleaner, broom or vacuum cleaner. A WARCO floor is therefore low-maintenance and maintenance-free. This means that it does not need to be impregnated, sanded or painted.

You are guaranteed to find the right balcony flooring at WARCO. The surfaces and designs of WARCO floor coverings are as varied as the balcony projects.

Balcony slabs from WARCO are also the better choice from an economic point of view, as the investment costs are manageable and there are no significant maintenance and care costs. What's more, you can lay the slabs yourself and save on tradesmen's costs.

WARCO balcony decking - just some of the possible shades of green

Monochrome panels

WARCO Gummigranulatplatte aus SBR und grün eingefärbtem Bindemittel.

Monochrome, i.e. single-coloured sheets are available, particularly inexpensive, made of black SBR and coloured binder (as shown), or with a wear layer made of fully coloured EPDM.

Natural-looking color designs

Frostfeste WARCO-Bodenplatte im Farbdesign Savanne mit verdeckter Puzzlezahn-Verbindung.

The wear layer of the panels with a natural-looking colour design consists of a mixture of fully dyed EPDM in several shades depending on the respective colour design.

Artificial turf

Die Kunstrasen-Platte besteht aus einer elastischen WARCO-Platte, auf die grüner Kunstrasen dauerhaft befestigt wurde.

Panels with artificial grass create an invitingly fresh and natural ambience. The high-quality, professional-grade artificial grass is permanently bonded to the SBR substrate.

Balcony slabs up to 20 mm thick

Balcony slabs from 25 mm thickness

Large-format balcony coverings - only for areas protected from the weather

Sealing & edging

A couple sits contentedly on the roof terrace, which has been successfully renovated with WARCO terrace tiles in the raffia and bark color scheme, and toasts the camera with a glass of wine from the Sommer winery in Hambach.

WARCO = Quality + Service

Many hundreds of authentic and positive reviews and thousands of satisfied customers throughout Europe and overseas speak for the really good quality of WARCO floor coverings. You too can buy good and affordable - directly from the manufacturer.

And let the expert consultants at the WARCO Gallery in Neustadt an der Weinstraße advise you personally. Whether on site, by telephone or in writing.

Of course, the WARCO team is available to answer all your questions about balcony slabs, their use and care, not only before but also after your purchase.