Stable mat 40 mm with drainage

Product Code: SD40-0
Manufacturer: WARCO
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The 40 mm-thick SD40 stable mat was developed for use in the harsh operating conditions in a horse stable, open stall, paddock or field shelter but at the same time it is sufficiently soft and elastic to give the horse the necessary comfort when standing or lying.

SD40 stable mat makes a dry, isolating and easy-on-hooves stable floor. It is formed by polyurethane and resilient rubber granules and fibres of various origin. It is permanently elastic and water-permeable. Micro canals between granules and a well-profiled structure of the mat underside enable rapid water drainage and good air circulation. The mats insulate from cold and cushion steps; they are weather- and frost-resistant, non-slip, easy-care, durable and economical.

The mats can be firmly laid on any bound base course also in loose installation (applying edging). The mats are not profiled on the edges to facilitate washing them (for thorough cleaning of the stable, the mats can be easily removed and then reassembled). For conventional stabling, leave a part of a stable for a toilet area, littered with traditional bedding. Keep the litter off rubber mats. The cost of equine mats will be amortised within 12 - 20 months, thanks to the savings on the bedding alone.

The mat format is 1000 x 1000 x 40 mm. Color and design are subject to production tolerances. Dimensions relate to the nominal dimension at standard temperature (format tolerance 2%, height tolerance 2 mm).