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    Safety tiles FS
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    The safety tile FS is available in single-layer version and made of SBR granules (obtained from recycled car tyres), in 4 colour designs for critical fall heights from 90 to 300 cm. In addition, 2-layer tiles (with coloured EPDM as the surface layer) are made.

Smart and simple — tiles with connectors

The simplest variant among WARCO tiles is a model produced with plastic connectors that join the consecutive rows of the assembled tiles. Two opposite sides of each tile are equipped with four holes. During the installation, the connectors are inserted into the holes of the tiles assembled in adjacent rows. The tiles of the following row are arranged in half-offset so they are moved by a half tile-width with respect to the other row to the protruding connectors. It creates a T-joint pattern, where each newly installed tile is connected to the two already assembled ones.

The model of a tile with connectors is currently considered as a standard in construction. Thousands of playgrounds all around the world are fitted with this type of tiles. Certainly, the asset of this product is its convenient price, while the drawback could be a rather complex installation, and, from the perspective of the overall product's lifespan, the connection system with open joints may not be stabile enough. Therefore, glueing of the tiles on their edges and with the sub-floor is recommended, as it distinctly improves the stability of the assembled surface.

  • Safety tiles with connectors may be installed in a half-offset to the other row. Each tile is joined by means of 4 connectors with two other tiles from the adjacent row.
    close Safety tiles with plastic connectors can be installed in a half-offset to the other row.

    Installation scheme
    with connectors

    Safety tiles of the FS type has 4 holes on 2 opposite sides of each tile. WARCO provides 4 matching plastic connectors to be stuck in the holes of every tile. When installed, the tiles are arranged in rows. In case of a T-joint montage, the tiles in each row should be half-moved in an offset to the adjacent row. In the surface, a tile is thus connected with two tiles from two adjacent rows.

  • Die Randplatten und Eckplatten zu Fallschutzmatten FS stellt man nach Bedarf selbst aus ganzen Platten her.
    close Die Randplatten und Eckplatten zu Fallschutzmatten FS

    The preparation
    of edge and corner tiles

    When needed, during adjusting the surface where the safety tiles should be installed, we may cut edge and corner elements from the whole tiles. In many cases, it is enough to half a whole tile.

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Safety tiles with connectors

All WARCO safety tiles from the FS series are equipped with plastic connectors. Available in several variants of thickness from 30 up to 100 mm the tiles have got their corresponding critical fall-height values from 90 up to 300 cm and are produced in four vivid colours anthracite, brick-red, grass-green and slate grey.

Typical applications

WARCO safety tiles with connectors, function primarily as a safety flooring protecting against injuries in case of tripping or falling from the height of 90 up to 300 cm . WARCO safety tiles are usually installed on playgrounds, various sports and leisure surfaces, they also make an ideal solution under playground equipment (swings, climbing frames) and under bouldering walls.