Tiles with a tongue-and-groove

  • Terrace and patio tile installation
    close Terrace tile construction

    Tongue and Groove System

    With the tongue and groove system - NF, WARCO tiles may be installed throughout the form-fit connection without additional fixing. The edges of each plate are formed as a shiplap (rebated edge) with incorporated groove (below) and a tongue (top). Adjacent tiles overlap at the edges and thus we may avoid joints open towards the base course.

Stylish and innovative — the tongue & groove connection

With this type of connection system authorised by WARCO company, an innovative installation is combined with a traditional, purely classic look of a large-format floor tile.

Tongue and groove are elements profiled on the tile's edges (invisible in the surface once it has been installed). The tiles are equipped with a several-centimetre-wide rebated edge with the integrated tongue and groove elements. On two sides of the tile, its upper half overlaps with the lower half of the adjacent tile. On the remaining two sides this is the other way round. In the tile underneath, there is a groove precisely matching the tongue of the tile which is on top. Thus, a form-fit connection is created, preventing shifting among the assembled tiles. Through this construction, the joints between the tiles are securely sealed.

The main benefit of the elastic tiles with the tongue and groove connection system lies in its simplicity and durability. Due to its versatile use, such surface may be installed both on bound and unbound subfloors, with low costs and attractive designs ready at hand.

  • The edging of the installed surface may be designed in the form of symmetrical frames fully independently of the size or cutting of the tiles.
    close The installation takes place independently of the size and cutting of the tiles.

    The assembly
    of the tongue and groove system

    WARCO produces tiles only in a full format. Cuts for the design of the surface's edge are produced on site during installation. It is an optical benefit for the area, if so the edge elements, made of full-format tiles form a symmetrical frame around the assembled surface. Per every row, A tile should but cut in two parts per each row. One half will be used as a beginning element, while the other one is going to serve us as a finishing piece in the row.

The installation design looks particularly attractive when the surface is framed with symmetrical edging made of cut out tile elements.

  • The edging of the tiles with a tongue and groove connection system should be made through the cutting of the whole tiles in two symmetrical parts. A potential cut-out can be taken from the middle of the tile.
    close The edge of the surface made of tongue and groove tiles should be prepared through the cutting of the whole tiles in two symmetrical parts.

    The cutting
    of the edge tiles

    Edge tiles fitting the surface made of tongue and groove system are prepared directly by the installation. We should cut a whole plate in two parts. The potential waste, that is removed from the tile's center in the form of a strip, has the same width as the two edge pieces. Corner elements should be prepared analogically.

Terrace tile

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£67,59 / m2

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Tyre rubber granulate or EPDM
- the choice of 2 qualities of the material

Elastic tiles with tongue and groove are produced in two formats, namely 500 x 500 x 30 mm and 500 x 500 x 40 mm. Here, the raw material used for the production occurs either in the form of black rubber tyre NR/SBR bound by dyed polyurethane or fully coloured EPDM granulate.

Typical fields of application

The possible applications of the elastic tiles with tongue and groove installation system for indoors and outdoors are virtually limitless. They may function either as a safe sport and leisure flooring or can be assembled as an ultra safe and comfortable terrace surface where children (especially toddlers) play. They might be also installed in a winter garden, beer garden, or even in a dog training centre. There are countless possibilities for this modern and economical floor.