Tiles with an interlocking zip

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    Tiles with
    an interlocking zip

    The interlocking zip constitutes three-dimensional form-fit connection system between the adjacent tiles. The installation is so simple, without additional fixing or glueing. Purely mechanical and re-installable, the zip connection is the most convenient system for the assembly of the elastic tiles.

Stable connection with an interlocking zip

In case of this montage-system, the tiles are joined with each other in a purely mechanical way, through three-dimensional protruding 'teeth', thus creating an exceptionally durable form-fit connection with adjacent tiles. It is the safest system of installation of the elastic flooring.

All tile edges are equipped with special teeth-like elements similar to the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. During the montage, the teeth of one tile match perfectly the 'teeth' of the already installed, adjacent tile. Thanks to this particular shape, (depending on the product type), a thickness of at least 18 mm and an anti-slip material of which they are made, the tiles guarantee an incredibly long-lasting and a stable connection that may be subject to high overload.The tile's length is 50 cm. The product in the format of 50 x 50 cm should be installed in the pattern of a grid. The same tile, however, with dimensions of 100 x 100 cm may be also assembled with half-offset.

An extraordinary benefit of this system is that it creates a stable connection among the tiles without the necessity of using glue or special connectors. Thanks to this factor, the floor is secured against vandalism, and, what is more important, it can be easily and quickly reinstalled without damaging the surface. As a result, the tiles make an exceptionally functional and attractive flooring which may be assembled both on every bound and unbound subfloor.

As a result, the tiles make an exceptionally functional and attractive flooring which may be assembled both on every bound and unbound subfloor.

  • Es empfiehlt sich, den Rand der mit Platten zu belegenden Flächen umlaufend-symmetrisch aus Platten-Zuschnitten zu.
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    The assembly of the edging

    In order to fully use the format of the tiles and to obtain the attractive design of the edging of our surface, it is recommended to half each tile. This element is going to be used as a beginning piece and the other half — as the finishing element of the existing row.

It is recommended to edge the surface with symmetrical elements made of halved tiles.

  • Schema für das Teilen einer Vollformat-Bodenfliese in zwei Randplatten oder vier Ecken.
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    Edging and corner

    To obtain the edging, we should cut a tile in two parts. One half will serve us as the beginning element, while the other half will be the finishing element of the existing row of the tiles. The corners should be prepared analogically, by cutting a tile in four pieces.

Safety variants

Safety variants

£23,61 / m2

£36,79 / m2

£42,41 / m2

£48,41 / m2

£59,60 / m2

Terrace flooring variants

Terrace variants

£41,98 / m2

£55,22 / m2

£70,40 / m2

£78,78 / m2

-- / m2

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Rubber tyre granulate or EPDM - a choice of 2 qualities, 6 thicknesses, 2 formats

The elastic interlocking tiles by WARCO are available in two formats, namely 500 x 500 or 1000 x 1000 mm, and various thicknesses: 18, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 mm. The tiles are produced either from the black tyre granulate SR/SBR mixed with dyed polyurethane, or fully coloured EPDM granules joined by a colourless polyurethane binder.

Typical applications

Elastic tiles with the interlocking zip may be installed both on indoor and outdoor surfaces. They make an economical flooring on squares, lanes, and other spaces designed for sport and leisure. They can be used on playgrounds, under bouldering walls, in kindergartens and school yards. They are a perfect choice for terraces, balconies, lounges, retirement homes, rehab clinics, pedestrian zones or town squares. The tiles could be also used in training facilities or dog kennels.