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    Products in the appealing and warm shade called ‘Embers’ are made of 100% fully coloured mixture of black, red and yellow EPDM rubber granulate which is weather-resistant and colour-fast.


The appealing colour Embers is inspired by the warmth of red-hot charcoal and contains natural accents in the shades of red, black and yellow. WARCO tiles in this extraordinary colour are produced in 100% of black, red and yellow EPDM rubber granulate. EPDM (Ethylen-Propylen-Dien-Kautschuk) is a weatherproof, UV-resistant and a particularly robust type of rubber which makes a perfect choice in all the places where a durable and colour-fast product is needed. The vibrant Embers tone will be a perfect addition to the interior designed in energetic, warm and vibrant colours.

Wide range of colours

Produced of top quality material EPDM, modern WARCO balcony and terrace tiles are now available in 14 attractive colours! Discover our wide selection of tints ranging from those vivid and distinct ones, such as Etna, Parrot, Atlantic or Lavender, throughout light, noble shades, like Travertine. See also those which are pure classics — just like the elegant Deep Black, Dark-, Classic- and Light Granite, English Lawn, or Caffè latte. Thanks to our wide choice of colours you will find a matching design to every interior.

EPDM material

Coloured rubber granulate called EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is an impressively durable material, which makes a stylish, colour-fast and a long-lasting terrace and balcony flooring. EPDM tiles are resistant to all weather conditions, including UV rays, humidity (rain), frost, heat and cold. Thoroughly coloured EPDM granulate retains its colour intensity and saturation, even in abrasive use. What is of large importance, is that EPDM tiles are pleasantly comfortable, as they ensure acoustic and thermal insulation. Ultimately, they create a heavy duty and top quality flooring.

Smart connection systems

Thanks to our ingenious connection systems, the installation of WARCO tiles becomes child's play. The flooring has to be installed on an even subfloor and joined throughout two types of a form-fit connection:

In the tongue and groove system, the tile's sides have got a profiled tongue and a matching groove element. The tiles are assembled through connecting the tongue of one tile with the groove of another one, thus obtaining a steady surface without open joints.

Safety tiles - Terrace tiles - Embers

£52,79 / m2

£64,78 / m2

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In case of the interlocking zip system, there are three-dimensional 'teeth' profiled on the tile's sides. They connect with each other, fixing the tiles in their correct position, creating a safe and stable flooring without edging and gluing (also secured against shifting).

Safety tiles - Terrace tiles

£40,41 / m2

£52,79 / m2

£67,59 / m2