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    Black rubber granulate obtained from tyre recycling mixed with a colourless polyurethane agent creates a product in a dark saturated shade called ‘Anthracite’.


Rubber granulate obtained from tyre recycling is black. Mixed with a colourless polyurethane agent, it creates a product in a dark, saturated shade which over time may change its tone into a dark grey. This is how a tile called Anthracite is produced.

Top quality safe rubber granulate

A mixture of natural (NR) and synthetic rubber (SBR) is used for the production of branded car tyres. It is a commodity of the highest quality as these tyres are destined for daily, long-term use, therefore they have top endurance. These beneficial features make the rubber tyre granulate an ideal material for elastic and particularly safe flooring.

An anti-slip safety surface made of tyre granulate is resistant to humidity (rainfalls), frost (ice), hot and cold temperatures. What is crucial, is that WARCO safety tiles do not require costly maintenance and may be assembled in all the places where a critical fall height is up to 300 cm. The sensation of walking on the elastic tiles is comparable to walking on a forest floor. What is more, the tiles ensure complete isolation against heat, cold and vibrations thus creating a safe, ecological and economical space for all sorts of playgrounds and leisure surfaces.

The choice of three installation systems

Safety tiles are available in three product types. They differ from each other by their connection system and an installation technique. The integrated montage system is a decisive factor for the assembly mode and durability of the connection among particular tiles.

The standard variant is a model assembled in a half-offset to the other row, installed by means of plastic connectors. In addition, it is recommended to glue this type of safety tiles to each other in order to avoid open joints. The benefit of this tile is its affordable price, while the drawback could be a fairly time-consuming installation and the fact that the plastic connectors are not sufficient to provide the stabilisation for the surface (gluing is necessary).

safety tiles - terrace tiles

£27,61 / m2

£30,42 / m2

£39,60 / m2

£62,02 / m2

£69,21 / m2

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The system with a tongue and groove creates a durable, form-fit connection which does not require additional support, i.e., gluing. On the tile's sides there are rebated edges that overlap during the process of installation — the protruding tongue matches the existing groove-element, forming a stable connection between the tiles. The benefit of this system is its durability, a traditional design and an economical installation cost.

Patio tiles

£31,18 / m2

£37,22 / m2

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The system with an interlocking zip creates the safest way of assembly without the necessity of glueing the flooring. Choosing this type of tile, we also avoid the risk of damage or waste during the montage and a potential re-installation of the tiles. In this case, it is sufficient to join the tiles by means of three-dimensional 'teeth' profiled on the tiles' sides. This firm connection system is highly durable and makes your surface vandalism-proof. The benefits of this tile variant are its incredible endurance, simplicity and low costs of installation.

Safety tiles - terrace tiles

£21,18 / m2

£31,18 / m2

£37,22 / m2

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