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    Rubber interlocking paver

    Elastic interlocking paver is an exceptionally durable product. It has got fall-attenuating properties and absorbs the impact of a fall. In addition, it ensures thermal and acoustic isolation and is frost-resistant. It makes a perfect choice for garden and park alleys, pedestrian zones, car parks and stable corridors.

Elastic interlocking pavers with numerous benefits

Thirty five pavers V043 in a classic shape create an exceptionally durable surface of 1m2. It may withstand a dynamic overload and is adapted to vehicles and traffic; therefore, it is perfect for lanes and squares.

The pavers are designed in the form of a double-T ('Behaton' format). Each piece is combined with six adjacent pieces, two on each side, also with one at the top and the bottom. The pavers are joined in the installation process creating a stable surface, secured against shifting or cupping of particular pieces. Depending on the intended use of the flooring, it may be assembled in a rectangular or a curved shape.

Apart from regular pavers with dimensions 200 x 165 x 43 mm, there are also crosscut halves, pieces cut lengthwise and edging elements available in our offer. As a result, with a precise calculation of the demand for the construction material, it is not necessary to cut the edge of the installed surface on site. A particular asset of the interlocking pavers lies in the numerous, significant benefits of the material from which they are produced - the rubber granulate bound by polyurethane agent.

For instance, it has fall-attenuating properties, isolates against heat and cold, noise, vibrations, and it is resistant to weather conditions (including frost). In addition, the granulated substance is water-permeable and is extremely long-lasting. Due to its high stability, the material is characterised by a massive load-bearing capacity. If necessary, it may be reinstalled.

  • The montage of the elastic pavers by WARCO is very simple on every bound subfloor and is similar to the assembly of concrete pavers.
    close The installation of the elastic pavers by WARCO is very easy on every bound subfloor.

    Installation of elastic pavers

    The installation of WARCO elastic pavers V043 should be done on a bound subfloor (such as concrete, asphalt, tiles). The pavers should be assembled tightly next to each other directly on the existing subfloor. In order to create an appropriate edging, it would be best to use starting and finishing elements, namely the product V043-8 (marked with a letter B in the illustration), V043-14 (marked with C) and V043-16 (marked with D).

The elastic paver V043 is compatible with a standard concrete paver, T-shaped in 'Behaton' design. Similarly to its concrete counterpart, the rubber paver makes a highly durable surface, however, it also cushions a potential fall, secures against injuries and as a result, is much safer. Those two types of pavers may be joined on one surface without a visible transition.

pavers blocks

Interlocking pavers 43 mm anthracite


Elastic halves


Pavers edge pieces


Interlocking pavers' halves


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Rubber tyre granulate SR/SBR EPDM
- a choice of 2 qualities

Elastic interlocking paver used in a standard flooring is made of a regular tyre granules and is available in two colours — anthracite (black) and brick-red. In case of grass-green and cement-grey colour, the pavers are produced in coloured EPDM granulated substance and may be ordered from the amount of 300 m2.

Typical applications

Rubber paver is an ideal solution for intensively used surfaces with a capacity to resist a regular overload such as pedestrian zones, pavements, alleys, stable corridors, parkings, beer gardens, driveways or town squares.