Rubber granulate palisade RP "Anthracite"

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The round palisade is a versatilely utilisable, highly-functional design element for supporting embankments, bounding the car parks, paths and driveways, binding the patches and separate the areas. The shock-resistant palisade provides passive safety in terms of fall injury prevention and shock absorption. Bumping it by car does not leave any scratches or scars; in case of an overthrow, the risk of head injuries is reduced.

Thanks to the longitudinally formed cove and galvanised ground anchor, the palisades can be mounted in a straight line or freely meandering in a concrete fundament. This way they stay interdependently without an open gap, so that percolation is possible.

The palisades of different heights and colours can be naturally combined with each other.

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Anthracite A car tyre is made of black dyed rubber (SBR). That's why the rubber granulate made of car tyres is also black. During processing with a colourless binder, black products are made. Similarly to the car tyres, the colour changes in these products after a short time from full black to a dark grey, also known as anthracite.

Material The mix of rubber granulate (irregularly formed rubber grains) and buffing dust (fibrous rubber particles) is ideal to manufacture particularly dimensionally stable and abrasion-proof products with fine-structured surface. The material is obtained from car tyres and contains mainly a high-valuable mix of natural rubber (NR) and Styrene-Butadiene Rubber, short SBR. The material properties of the WARCO preform largely correspond to those known from SBR.

Connecting system There is a galvanised steel pipe centrally ingrained as a concrete anchor into every palisade. A 50 mm deep cove runs over the total length of the palisade. The adjacent palisade can be inserted into this cove with an exact fitting - this brings additional stability to the palisade row and makes it possible to create freely curved lines.


Limitedly UV resistant

The ageing and lifetime of the product depend on the intensity of the UV radiation (sunlight).

Hygienically harmless for humans and animals

No prohibited pollutant emissions. Virtually odourless (initial odour evaporates).

Well and favourable invested money

Safe investment due to the original WARCO product with 5 years warranty - proved thousands of times.

Weatherproof - soil

Weatherproof; full or partial covering with soil is permissible.

Normally inflammable

Building material class Efl (EN 13501-1), B2 (DIN 4102-1). Authority denomination: normally inflammable.

Comparative values

Compressive point-load strength

Compressive point-load strength

The higher the indicated value, the harder the material and the lower the penetration of an object that puts a point-load on the material. Typical point-loads are high-heel shoes, table or chair legs, plant tubs on wheels, some kinds of pedestals for devices and appliances. In individual cases, it can be tested on-site on a material sample if the chosen material has a compression strength sufficient for the desired application.

Elasticity and shock absorption

Elasticity and shock absorption

The higher the indicated value, the more elastic the material and the better it absorbs the shocks (falling objects, steps and kicks, drops). This means also that the material is softer and more flexible and e.g. it leads to a worse ball bounce or worse suitability for vehicle traffic. In special application cases it should be tested by an easy trial with a material sample, if the kinetic energy exerted by the typical object (mass and velocity) is cushioned as requested. If the material is too weak, it will be overloaded, a material with too high stiffness will not give the desired absorption.

Damping of vibrations, structure-borne and impact sound

Damping of vibrations, structure-borne and impact sound

The higher the indicated value, the better the damping of vibrations, structure-borne and impact sound. It causes a better acoustic and mechanic decoupling between the activities on the material and the ground on that the material is laid. While choosing the material, the material parameters compressive strength, elasticity and shock absorption should be always selected according to the planned application, in order to obtain the best long-term results.

Closeness and fine structure of the surface

Closeness and fine structure of the surface

The higher the indicated value, the smoother and more homogenous the material surface. The lower the value, the rougher the surface, the more noticeable the single rubber particles of the material, the more open-pored the surface. The structure of the surface normally affects the water-permeability and slip-resistance, as well as the cleaning-friendliness. The haptic perception of the material reaches from grainy-granular and grippy-rough to smooth or velour-like. Generally, the material surface is always plain and without any unevenness. The exception are the panels with anti-skid elements formed on the surface.

Resistance against abrasion of particles

Resistance against abrasion of particles

The higher the indicated value, the more resistant the material structure against rubbing down of single particles caused by grinding or scrubbing moves. Intensively grinding or scrubbing moves are caused e.g. by car tyres if steered while standing or by dragging heavy furniture over the surface, but also by intensive fitness workouts. However, also on intensively used surfaces, e.g. public places, footpaths or beer gardens the higher abrasive loading of the material can be assumed.

Liquid-permeability and open-pore nature

Liquid-permeability and open-pore nature

The higher the indicated value, the faster the liquids (e.g. water) run through the material and the higher is the amount of liquid able to pass the material in a given time period. The value applies for clean material. In case of clogged pores, e.g. ill-kempt stall mats in a horsebox, the flow is obstructed or impossible. Good liquid-permeability is important in the outdoor areas, because it prevents puddle formation and soil sealing. Indoors a close-pored material doesn't let the washing water or spilled drinks penetrate into it.

Frost resistance and suitability for permanent wetting

Frost resistance and suitability for permanent wetting

The higher the indicated value, the more suitable the material for usage in areas, where a permanent wetting (e.g. rainy weather periods or application in wet rooms) or frosty periods can occur. The rubber can swell up when permanently drenched; the material can expand up to 2%. The drenching can be avoided by a good draining in the material (liquid-permeability) and under the material (draining bottom side).

Wear resistance of the colour design

Wear resistance of the colour design

The higher the indicated value, the more durable and stable the colour design. The value is explicitly related to the usage-dependent stability of the colour design (wear resistance e.g. against scouring or stamping), but not for separately estimated, possible colour changes caused by the UV radiation (sunlight). As a general rule, the materials made of imbued rubber (coloured though and through like a minced jellybaby) have a significantly higher colour fastness than the materials where the (normally black) rubber is processed with a coloured binder and have only a coloured coating.

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