Roof Terrace Design

  • Design your roof terrace with WARCO elastic tiles available in various colours and patterns.
    close Add a new look to your terrace with our unique elastic tiles for roof terrace design.

    Roof terrace design

    Exterior rubber tiles by WARCO are the best choice for to create a new roof terrace design. First of all, the elastic flooring is resistant to all weather conditions including frost and UV rays. What is more, the installation of the DIY tiles is very simple and does not require gluing or edging. The tiles may be placed directly on every flat and even subfloor.

Terrace and Balcony

Frost-resistant roof terrace design – ideal for new build and renovation

With WARCO frost resistant flooring, designing a great roof terrace is a piece of cake. The tiles are suitable for new roof terrace design as well as renovation, and ideal for a family-friendly space.

Design a resilient, child-friendly and durable roof terrace with WARCO elastic flooring. Our terrace tiles are available in many colours, formats and two connection types: interlocking zip and tongue-and-groove system.

Choose the roof terrace design that suites you best. We recommend 30 mm tiles for installations on roof foil or bitumen felt. For roof terraces bigger than 80 sq. m. or uneven surfaces, 40 mm tiles tiles are recommended.

  • The thicker a tile is, the better it insulates and cushions. All our tiles are high heel proof, which means they can be used under garden furniture, plant pots or a barbecue. You won't have cold feet or burn them in the summer.
  • You and your family can use the roof terrace in all seasons - there will be no ponding because rubber granulate terrace tiles are porous. What's more, they are slip-resistant in dry and wet conditions and provide fall protection - quite important factors in a family-friendly roof terrace design.
  • Create a new roof terrace design and install the flooring that will look just as good in 10 or even 15 years. WARCO terrace tiles are completely weatherproof, no frost, rain or strong sunshine can damage them. There are no follow-up costs or the need for renovation!
  • The installation of rubber floor is easy, it can be done by yourself or with the help of a local handyman. You can always relocate or replace individual tiles without damaging the whole terrace. WARCO tiles are perfect for new terrace design as well as for renovations - elastic tiles can be placed directly on the old flooring!
  • Your roof terrace design should take into account the question of maintenance. WARCO rubber flooring is truly an easy-care product. Fine dirt will be regularly washed by rain water; you can also clean the tiles with normal detergents and tools (a broom, a mop). WARCO terrace tiles are completely safe for babies or pets, they give off no odours. Most importantly, however, your roof terrace is pleasant in use, elegant and comfortable!

With roof terrace design, you can trust terrace flooring from WARCO and its experience of thousands of installations all over Europe. We guarantee you German quality and competitive prices directly from the manufacturer. Browse through our shop or ask us for advice on your roof terrace design. Get more inspiration and discover our gallery where you can see many ready realisations of WARCO balcony tiles!

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