References and customers' reviews

As a responsible manufacturer of the products made of polyurethane rubber granules, we are very proud with praises and positive reviews received from our customers. We take into consideration also critical remarks in order to further develop and improve our company and its products. Therefore, it is beneficial for everyone!
Check out what our customers say about our products and how many stars they awarded us with:

The new paths lead to our Community Gardens Project and now provide safe access for our many users who have reduced mobility. We are extremely pleased with your product both for its practicality and smart appearance. (21.07.2016)

Fiona T. (York House Centre, Stratford, Milton Keynes)
Terrace tile TZ 40 mm

I will have no hesitation in recommending your products to friends and family. (24.08.2015)

Chris P. (Swansea)
Terrace tiles NF30 mm

Very functional and looks pretty good. We ordered the tiles with a tongue and groove system and we are thrilled with this new feature. The installation is super easy.
The best thing about the product: the water flows through the tongue and groove connection and there is no dirt accumulated between the plates. The delivery was perfect. We can give the highest recommendation of WARCO!

Elfi W. (Frankenmarkt)
Safety tiles NF30 mm

Quick in application and heavy duty. Compliment for the adhesive that does the job it promises, and also is very efficient. It is easy to use and binds rapidly. I can recommend it with clear conscience.

Marina E. (Oberkrämer)
Polyurethane adhesive 0-83

Very good;-) These tiles can be perfectly adjusted to the floor and easily installed. Also, they look just as great as in the photo. Having this product is our pleasure. We will definitely recommend this!

Armin S. (Weilrod-Riedelbach)
Elastic tiles R 18 mm

Incredibly simple to install; you may also cut them easily with a regular knife.

Ronald S. (Kiel)
Terrace tiles NF30

Excellent to install on a balcony with the size of about 12 m2. Laid with a mitre-cutting saw but a knife could be also used during the installation. The advice from the consultant was very good. The shipment - fast and accurate. The product properties are the same as indicated on the internet. The floor looks stunning. This product is fully recommended!

Ralf M. (Messel)
Balcony tiles R 18 mm

Delighted with the product. It's going to work really well. (09.04.2015)

Robert G. (London)
Terrace tiles TZ30 mm

I am very pleased with the terrace flooring for my tenants, and I have recommended to others. The installation of your product was a pleasure. (21.07.2016)

Michael A. (St Albans)
Balcony tiles BZ 18 mm

We are very pleased with the tiles--a lovely colour and good to walk on. They also dry quickly after rain. (08.07.2016)

Karen B. (London)
Terrace tiles NF 30 mm

Balcony flooring R 18 mm - Dark Granite - everything was perfect. The product is good.

Hubert S. (Fridingen)
Balcony tiles R 18 mm

Finally we ordered a product that not only looks good, but can be very easily installed by oneself, even by somebody who lacks technical skills. A great look and a fantastic feel. It is a product which should be definitely recommended. We are super satisfied with the installed balcony area of 2x16 m square. Also everything worked out fine with shipment.

Marina E. (Oberkrämer)
Balcony flooring R 18 mm

All very good. It also functions fine with saw chipping for the horses.

Martina M. (Grittel)
Equine mats SD40 (40 mm) with drainage

I am very satisfied with the product and would warmly recommend the mats - my horse immediately felt comfortable on them and even stays in the stable when there is bad weather. The box was pretty dull earlier.

Elke J. (Bad Vilbel)
Equine mats SD40 (40 mm) with drainage

Very good, easy to install and maintain. Our terrace has been covered with WARCO tiles for 2 years now and we are very satisfied, it all still looks like on the 1st day after the refitting. The tiles are truly pleasant to walk on and the cleaning is done by the rain. Even if a plate or a glass falls onto the floor, there is no problem. The flooring is ideal for small children - it is soft and warm.

Ingeborg S. (Oberstufen)
Terrace tiles R 30 mm