PU glue OP "Grey"

EAN: 4251469319509 | Item no.: 1949

The PU glue OP83 is used in all application cases and installation situations where it makes sense to bond the WARCO products with each other or with the underfloor. The PU glue OP83 is delivered in a functional press cartridge and makes a strong joint. That's why the glue can be applied straight to the point and economically, with a press gun.

The connection made with the PU glue OP83 is permanently elastic and equalises the vibrations and tensions - it's ideally suitable to the properties of the rubber granulate tiles.

The glue can be used outdoors and indoors, in the temperature range from 5 to 35 °C on appropriate surfaces. They should be clean, fat- and dustless as well as loadable. The drying time depends on the glue layer thickness, temperature and humidity. Porous surfaces have to be mechanically cleaned before the glue is applied.

310 ml
Type or design
OP (Permanently elastic PU adhesive)
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Colour Grey The glue has a neutral, light grey colour that is a contrast to the colour of the joined products. For aesthetic reasons, during the processing it should be noted that there is no glue on the visible sides of the products.

Material Polyurethanes (abbreviated PUR or PU) are plastics or synthetic resins originating from a polyaddition reaction of dialcohols (diols) or polyols with polyisocyanates. In 1937 polyurethane was synthesised for the first time in the I.G. Farben-Werk Leverkusen. Specific for polyurethanes is the urethane group. Nowadays, polyurethanes are common, above all as foams and insulating materials, but also as lacquers, paints, glues, coatings, gaskets, etc.

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