Material sample VM "Anthracite"

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The material sample is cut out of a regularly manufactured plate. It shows the original properties that can be expected from the product. However, it should be noted that it's a factory-fresh product and some properties are fully distinct after multiple days or weeks of use. This can be accelerated by washing it in the dishwasher.

Thanks to the material sample you can test the properties that are relevant for the planned use. Put it into the freezer box filled with water and check in the freezer if it's really frost-resistant. Hit it with a hammer and look and listen how stable, elastic and damping it is. Test the sample haptically and optically. However, please note that the typical distance during the observation is about 150 cm. Convince yourself how fast the potential new-smell vanishes. This product has been manufactured with an enhanced concentration. Thus, it's more resistant against abrasion and mechanical loading, but it's less elastic and open-pored and the damping is worse. It's recommended for surface with normal and enhanced loading.


Connecting system
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Anthracite A car tyre is made of black dyed rubber (SBR). That's why the rubber granulate made of car tyres is also black. During processing with a colourless binder, black products are made. Similarly to the car tyres, the colour changes in these products after a short time from full black to a dark grey, also known as anthracite.

Material The rubber granulate with irregularly formed particles is obtained from discarded tyres. It mainly consists in the high-valuable mix of natural rubber (NR) and synthetically manufactured Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR). The material properties of the WARCO preform largely correspond to those known from SBR. The granulate with an edge length from 1.0 to 3.0 mm creates fine-grained surfaces.

Connecting system After laying, a surface with a "dog bone" pattern can be seen. However, actually there are large-sized math laid that has the seam pattern of the "dog bones" imprinted on the surface. The edges of the mats are formed in the bone design, so that the rubber paving mats interlock with each other while laying - similarly to the well-known BEHATON pattern.

Structure of the underside

The element has a homogenous cross section. The bottom side is even, without any formed structure or draining channels. It's mounted on an even, bound base course. Small cracks in the base course are overridden. The element can partially adjust itself to unevenness. Please take note of the laying instruction.

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