Installation tips

  • The built-in connection systems allow also laymen for a rapid, lasting and a proper installation of WARCO tiles.
    close The integrated connection system allow also laymen for a fast and a durable installation of WARCO tiles.

    WARCO tiles
    for easy installation

    If the subfloor is permanently load bearing and even, nothing stands in the way for the installation of WARCO tiles. The montage itself is quite easy to do thanks to the advantageous connection systems. Therefore, many WARCO customers lay the tiles by themselves.

Installation — just follow a few instructions!

The installation of the WARCO flooring involving only laying of the tiles on a suitable base-course — is a simple task for every craftsman. Good planning, some technical skills and suitable tools for tile-cutting are prerequisites to carry out the installation of the WARCO tiles properly. If you want the assembly of the WARCO tiles to be quick and easy, take into account our thematically arranged installation instructions.


Terrasse und Balkon

Planning and preparation

Good planning ensures successful installation. It is childishly easy to lay WARCO tiles on (almost) every load-bearing subfloor.

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Provided that we have the right tools and we apply the appropriate technique, all WARCO products are easy to cut.

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Tiles with connectors

The most basic type of WARCO flooring are tiles joined with each other by means of plastic connectors.

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Tongue & groove

With the tongue and groove system - NF, WARCO tiles may be installed throughout the form-fit connection...

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Interlocking zip

The interlocking zip constitutes three-dimensional form-fit connection system between the adjacent tiles.

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Installation on soil or grass

Places such as natural soil, grass, a lawn, a trampled playground or a ball game field, a garden or a building site, sand or a sandbox...

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Grit or gravel bedding

First of all, the existing layer of the soil should be removed (dug-out) in order to prepare the enhanced...

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Plastic stabilising grid

The key element in the innovative construction is the use of the plastic stabilising grid (grass grid) for soil stabilisation.

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Bound subfloor

Nothing is more simple than the installation of WARCO rubber-granulate tiles on the bound and even base-course.

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Installation on roofing foil

As a rule, roofing membranes, traditional bitumen sheets or modern plastic waterproofing membranes are suitable...

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Installation in an offset

Concerning the installation of the rectangular tiles with tongue and groove connection system, there are two possible ...

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