Installation systems


The choice of three installation systems

Elastic WARCO tiles are produced in three installation variants. They differ in various parameters, but primarily through the design of the tiles’ edges and integrated connection systems. Such a system integrated in the tile’s edge is decisive for the type and the duration of the connection between the individual tiles.

The standard tile is the variant in which the rows of tiles are assembled in half offset and are connected with each other through plastic connectors. It is also recommended to glue the tiles with each other at the edges to prevent open joints. The advantage of this type of tile is its favourable price, while the disadvantage might be a time-consuming installation and the insufficient effect of the plastic connectors.

Playground tiles with connectors






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A form-fit connection, without any additional support such as fixing or glueing, may be seen in the tile with a tongue and groove system. The tile edges are shaped in the form of a shiplap; adjacent tiles overlap at the edges. In the shiplap, the elements of the tongue and groove are integrated. During the assembly, tongue and groove connect the tiles together. The advantage of this installation variant is the classic look of the tile and its economical installation.

Playground tiles - outdoor tiles for terrace



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The surest connection between the tiles (without glueing and with a possibility of reinstallation without damage) is an interlocking zip. During the installation, the adjacent tiles are joined through the 3-dimensional interlocking zip teeth profiled on the tiles’ edges. This installation system has a high degree of security against vandalism and holds the flooring fast. The particular advantages of this installation variant lie in its incredibly high stability of the connection and the low cost of installation.

Playground flooring - Terrace tiles




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