Grit or gravel bedding

  • Before starting construction work, the site must be first professionally secured in order to prevent potential accidents.
    close The construction site has to be professionally secured before starting installation works.

    Secured construction site

    The construction of the playground is begun with the professional securing of the installation site. Only behind the metal fence, we can start the actual works with excavation, thus preparing an area for the future playground.

Unbound base course made of grit and gravel

First of all, the existing layer of the soil should be removed (dug-out) in order to prepare the enhanced superstructure that would include: frost protective layer (if necessary) + subfloor layer + levelling course + WARCO tiles. The strength of the superstructure depends on the expected overload of the tiles and the type of the existing soil.

The next step would be the preparation of a sub-base, namely, the adjusted surface that should be planned and (if necessary) compacted with a vibrating plate or a roller to ensure its optimal stability. For this task, the soil should be neither too wet nor frozen. At the installation of the sub-base, we must take into account any potential inclination of the subsequent layer (made of safety tiles, terrace tiles, interlocking pavers). The sub-base should be parallel to the top layer, according to the same gradient. The level of tolerance under the 4 m levelling bar is ± 2 cm.

In case of largely and only slightly water-permeable sub-base, water will seep through the upper surface of the superstructure and it will go to the ground water in the subsurface. In a poorly water-permeable or impermeable foundation or base respectively, there is (if appropriate) created a sub-base drainage in order to avoid damage caused by the backwater.

It depends on the local conditions whether a frost-protective layer should be installed. In most cases, as far as garden or landscape architecture is concerned, we may resign from such a solution. The same is true for the regions with moderate 'minus' temperatures in winter. The final decision about its application is based on the individual situation of the construction site and the intended use of the area.

  • On the compacted layer of gravel, another evening layer of grit should be applied and smoothed off with the levelling bar.
    close On the layer made of compacted gravel, a grit layer should be applied and evened out by means of a levelling bar.

    Levelling of the layer of grit

    The traditional, unbound base course under paving, walkway slabs or safety tiles consists of a sufficiently thick base layer made of gravel. For optimal stability, it has to be well compacted with a vibratory plate or roller and it should be topped off with a levelling layer of grit, and evened out by means of a levelling bar. Both layers (the sub - and the levelling one) ought to be built with the reference to the intended profile and future use of the installed surface, corresponding with its incline.

Concerning the choice of material destined for the frost protection layer, it is essential to make sure that it is permanently water-permeable. Therefore, a recycled material which decays over time and forms a water-impermeable layer is unsuitable. Instead, we may use 0/32-mm-gravel or grit. The frost-protective layer is applied in the thickness ranging from 10 up to 30 cm; moreover, it should be exactly parallel in height and a manner of inclination; it also ought to be well compacted.

The base-course absorbs both static and dynamic forces applied onto the flooring (safety mats, terrace tiles, elastic pavers) —especially the weight and movement of objects, vehicles and people and transfers them to the subfloor so that particular layers are not deformed. The assembled base-course should be about 10 - 30 cm thick, permanently water permeable, perfectly flat, carefully compacted and created with an incline on its top layer. The recommended material for the subfloor are mineral mixtures with the values 0/32, 0/45, 0/56 or gravel-sand mix.

  • The examples show that a levelling layer made of grit must be smoothed off with the utmost care before the  permanently stable terrace tiles are laid.
    close The examples demonstrate that a levelling grit layer has to be carefully evened out before the  permanently stable terrace tiles are laid.

    Terrace tiles installed on a grit bedding

    A good, permanently stable and even base course below the safety or terrace tiles is a prerequisite for a durable playground floor or a patio area. Especially in case of the installation of the tiles on an unbound base course, the ground for the assembly of the elastic WARCO tiles has to be prepared with utmost care. A smooth, evened out layer made of grit should be prepared as a finishing touch just before laying of the tiles.

Before laying the tiles or interlocking pavers by WARCO, a maximum of 3-cm-thick levelling layer (bedding) of crushed chipping or paving grit (aggregate fraction 1/3) should be assembled on the base layer and it should be evened out with a conduit (tubing) or a levelling bar accordingly with its inclination. The materials used for the base course and a levelling course should coordinate with each other so as to prevent the permeation of the material of the levelling layer into the base course.

  • The scheme shows how to build an unbound base course. On the existing ground, there is a layer made of compacted grit that is installed on top of another layer made of gravel. Ultimately, balcony tiles may be installed on such a prepared subfloor.
    close On the existing ground, there should be prepared a thick layer made of compacted grit that is assembled on top of another layer made of gravel. Ultimately, balcony and terrace tiles may be installed on such a prepared subfloor.

    Installation on an unbound subfloor

    A conventional, unbound base course consists of several layers. First of all, soil should be so much removed as necessary for the optimal thickness of the subfloor. When the ground is stabilised , then the layer of compacted gravel in the appropriate thickness should be assembled. Then, a thin layer of evened out, levelling layer made of grit is applied. The planned flooring made of elastic tiles may be installed on top of the grit layer.

Only on the properly prepared bedding, WARCO tiles can be installed. During the assembly, please refer to the installation instructions for the respective products.

If the area should be bordered with palisades, elastic curbs, or other types of edging, the installation of those bordering elements should be made parallel to the structure of the upper layers of the subfloor. In case of i.e. elastic curbs, a special built-in concrete support must be provided.

  • Black safety tiles with connectors, with a critical fall height of 150 cm are laid in offset on a bedding made of grit.
    close Black safety mats with connectors, with a critical fall height of 150 cm are installed in offset on a layer made of grit.

    Safety tiles installed on a grit bedding

    The installation of safety tiles with connectors on an unbound base course - so on a bedding made of smooth, levelled layer of grit is fairly easy. Therefore, many customers, throughout parents' or work initiative, install the tiles also by themselves.

  • In order to enjoy a football pitch or a small play area, the base course should be carefully prepared first. It is necessary to build a durable subfloor with an edging. Construction site
    To install a small football pitch, a proper base course should be prepared first.

    Create a mini football pitch
    a play area

    The foundation for a long-lasting small game area or a football pitch that would be useable in all weather conditions is to build a permanently stable, water-permeable, unbound subfloor with a suitable edging. First, the ground of the future playing field must be excavated, so the topsoil should be removed. In the concrete foundation with backrest (i.e. concrete backfill on the outside), the elastic curbs RV51 at the edge of the future pitch (measure it well!)should be Installed.

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  • On the compacted base course and the even levelling layer of gravel (sand is less suitable), the surface of the playground made of ball-game tiles is established.
 Mini playground
    A playground equipped with ball-game tiles have been installed on the compacted subfloor.

    of a small playground

    After the construction and careful compacting of the base course, we have obtained a finishing touch in the form of the even layer of the subfloor. On one side of this flat, and sturdy substructure we have begun the future playground base. The stable 40-mm-thick ball-game tiles TZ40 made of rubber granules and equipped with zip teeth connection are particularly suitable as a small playground. The precise cutting of the tiles is done with a circular saw.

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  • Thanks to the comfortable connection system with the zip, even laymen can easily install the WARCO ball-game tiles. Safety flooring
    Thanks to the convenient connection system with the interlocking zip, even an inexperienced builder can lay the WARCO ball-game tiles properly on a playing field or a small football pitch.

    Ball game tiles
    for a mini football pitch

    The installation of the ball game tiles TZ on a smooth, levelled base course is unbelievably easy. All we need to do is to connect the tiles during the installation by means of the precisely shaped interlocking edges equipped with the zip teeth. In this way, thanks to this form-fit connection, we will ensure the durable surface of future mini-pitch, practically without open joints. The installation should be done step by step; and corrections are always possible.

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  • In the autumn warm sun a mini football pitch has been created. Preparing the subfloor
    A mini football-pitch has been constructed on a warm autumn day.

    Mini playground

    With a good planning, the active help of volunteers and selected ball game tiles we have a durable, weather-independent mini-pitch that is created quickly and at affordable price.

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  • Children will have fun kicking the ball on their new, easy to use and clean playground. Edging
    Kids have fun with the ball in their new, easy to use and clean playground.

    Kids at play

    Give kids a special treat, make them experience the joy of playing with a ball on a weather-independent mini-pitch. A small game - or a soccer field made of ball game tiles by WARCO is a durable and affordable investment in the physical and social development of children and adolescents. A place for the mini-pitch may be found in every town, housing estate and a sports club.

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  • Outdoor rubber granulate tiles have been used for the installation of the private play area. From now on, children may enjoy playing football and other games safely.

    A safe play area for children

    Outdoor rubber flooring made by WARCO have been installed thanks to the local initiative of parents who wanted to build a safe play area for their kids. The subfloor was covered with a layer of compacted gravel and then, sports surface made of rubber granulate was assembled. From now on, children may safely play football and other games with no worries about tripping or falling.

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