Does WARCO target any specific customer group?

We are fond of each customer! Everbody is welcome - whether you need five or a thousand sq. m., whether you are a private customer or representing a society, community, kindergarten, boarding stable, company, DIY store, gardening firm, or civil engineering enterprise. We deliver all over Europe.

Do you have any sales representatives, are there building sites visits?

No, we don't! Our resignation from having field sales force is an essential element of our marketing concept and the reason for such attractive prices. Instead, we care for effective communication by e-mail and phone.

Are there any discounts?

Prices shown in the data sheets and product description are sliding-scale prices. The higher your order value is (that is the value of goods without delivery charges), the higher your personal discount and more attractive the price of products. Also, if you decide to pay for your products in advance, you will obtain additional 2% discount.

Discounts are calculated according to this pattern:

order value discount rate
from 1000 £ 5%
from 1 500 £ 10%
from 2 000 £ 12%
from 3 000 £ 15%

Once your demand is placed in the shopping basket (on our page), the discount is automatically included. You will see, then, the exact price of the product ordered. If you wish to receive a written quotation, you can order it via our request form.

How is the order processed in terms of payment and delivery?

Our product prices are quoted ex works. Delivery costs will be shown separately on the invoice. As a rule, we have all standard products available in sufficient quantity in the warehouse or factory. However, sometimes there are supply shortages because of high in-season demand.

Having processed your order, which can be placed via the shopping basket on this page or by e-mail, fax, letter or telephone, you will receive an order confirmation or, if the ordered product is available, an invoice. When paid in advance, before product delivery, you receive a 2% cash discount on the amount invoiced. You can also pay within 7 days from the date on the invoice (without the discount).

Unless another delivery time is agreed, your order will be delivered within 2 - 21 workdays. Generally, our carrier notifies customers the day before the delivery, or arranges a suitable delivery time with them. For this reason we require a telephone number where you can be reached during the day.

What are the delivery costs?

On the written quotation as well as in the shopping basket (on this page), the delivery costs are listed separately.
You can also check the delivery costs to your country for various weights and post codes.

What should I do when I receive the products?

Please check the product for completeness and potential damage at the time of reception, in the presence of the carrier. First, make sure that the package is intact and there are no indications of damage or unauthorised goods removal. In case of any discrepancies, get a written confirmation from the carrier (at the moment of delivery). Complaints about the quantity delivered or product damage cannot be accepted without the carrier's confirmation.

Is there a product guarantee? How do I make a complaint?

WARCO Rubber Tiles is a leading provider of polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate products, which meet the requirements of all relevant standards. When it comes to raw materials and manufacturing, we specifically make sure that high quality is maintained. All this to ensure smooth procedures without complaints, as complaints are expensive and upsetting. We provide a product guarantee according to the relevant legal requirements and our warranty conditions. If you believe you have received defective merchandise, please let us know immediately by e-mail, to which you should attach photos showing the deficiencies. We will respond to your claim immediately.

Why does WARCO have such attractive prices?

The secret of our success is simple and powerful: excellent quality at an affordable price. Without going into details, there are 5 main reasons for such a good price:

  • well marketable and innovative products, manufactured in cost-efficient production series,
  • excellent quality and satisfied customers; thus, no costs of complaint processing,
  • lean, direct sales process without representatives, commission agents, show rooms, etc.,
  • short delivery and payment dates, quick processing of customer requests,
  • effectively organised logistics and low shipping costs.

What should be considered when installing the tiles indoors?

Our polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate products are "baked" (like waffles) by putting two halves together. In order to prevent the rubber-granulate and polyurethane mixture from sticking to the mould, it is coated with release agent (like butter on waffle iron). To this end we use a kind of soft soap, which is completely harmless. Consequently, just-manufactured products have a thin soap film on the surface. If the tiles are laid outdoors, the soap film evaporates in a short time because of the weather influences. If, however, they are laid under the roof, you should wash them thoroughly after unpacking. Using a high pressure cleaner and warm water will make it easier. Clean plates can then be safely installed indoors.

Do WARCO tiles give off odours or vapours (e.g. when exposed to sunlight)?

Generally not. Recently manufactured products might smell in the first days (just like a new car does, too). This odour is harmless and should disappear with time.

Do you sell products of second-rate quality, too?

Products which are sorted out by our quality control because of slight defects (colour or dimension deviations beyond tolerance), can be used in various applications without significant loss of quality. When such products are available, we offer them under a corresponding product in our webshop.

Does WARCO manufacture other rubber or rubber granulate products?

Yes, we do! Besides flooring, we manufacture - on individual request - various products for all imaginable fields of use. Some examples: damping elements for ramps at cargo centres, sound- and vibration-damping elements (e.g. under concrete slabs in parking garages, under railway sleepers, etc.). You just need to ask!

Where can I find general sales conditions?

The only applying conditions of sale are WARCO terms; we do not acknowledge any conditions which would be contradictory to or deviating from our sales terms unless we approve their validity in writing. Our terms and conditions can be found here.