Equine stable rubber mats

Stallmatten und Stallplatten fur Pferdebox.
Stallmatten und Stallplatten fur Pferdebox.


Change Your Horse's Quality of Life & Save Money with Stable Mats!

If you care about your horse's well-being, than you will carefully select stall floor material.

According to the research by Pennsylvania State University, these are the most important features of a good, horse-friendly stall floor:

Characteristics of an Ideal Stable Floor

  • easy on legs to decrease tendon and feet strain,
  • dry,
  • non-odor retentive,
  • non-slippery to encourage the horse to lie down,
  • durable; stays level, resists damage and has a long life,
  • low maintenance,
  • easy to clean,
  • >affordable.

Quality Stable Mats from Germany

You may go on looking for the perfect horse stall floor, but I assure you that currently there is no other material which fulfills these conditions, but horse rubber matting. Let me explain, point by point, why stable mats by WARCO meet these requirements.

1. Horse stall mats by WARCO protect the horse's legs, tendons and joints, because they are specifically designed for horse-keeping. The resilient material, polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate, cushions and absorbs falls, while decreasing the horse's leg fatigue.

2. Proper drainage is the key to the horse's health and longevity of a stable floor. WARCO stable mats are liquid-permeable: urine and other liquids go through micro canals between rubber granules quickly to the bottom of a tile. The underside of a rubber floor mat is grooved to help remove any urine or water. Horse rubber matting dries quickly. The horse always stays in dry conditions, and remains isolated from the cold ground by a 42 mm solid rubber mat.

3. Rubber floor for a horse stable does not retain odors. Despite that, regular cleaning and disposal of manure, is of highest importance.

4. Thanks to the stable mat's porous structure, its surface is nonslip and skid-proof. Good traction is necessary not only to avoid falls but also to encourage the horse to lie down and get back up with confidence.

Stallmatten SD42 für Pferdebox.
Stallmatten SD42 für Pferdebox.

5. WARCO horse rubber matting is made to withstand the highest physical and chemical fatigues of horse-keeping. Properly installed and maintained, stable mats have a long life of 10 years and more. The material (a mix of coarse-grained EPDM and tyre rubber) is robust enough to withstand hoof action, pawing, and also heavy, old or shod horses.

6. Equine mats from rubber granulate significantly reduce maintenance costs. Traditional bedding will be used only in a "corner toilet." Thanks to the savings on the bedding alone, the cost of stable mats will be amortized within about 1 year.

7. Rubber floor is easy to clean - it can be swept clean, cleaned with normal stable tools, and thoroughly washed with a high-pressure cleaner.

8. WARCO horse stall mats is an economical flooring of highest quality, made in Germany. It generates minimal follow-up costs, helping you save on the bedding and the vet! Always dry and resilient stable mats prevent from cough, dust allergies and other "civilization diseases" of horses caused by the traditional bedding.

Rubber Interlocking Pavers for Aisle Ways

Horse stall mats are an ideal flooring for stables, horse stalls, runs, open stables and paddocks. For installations on bound subfloor (concrete, pavers, screed etc.) we recommend SD42 stable mat with well-profiled drainage. For heavy horses or horses shod with Widia nails, as well as installations on any base courses, including unbound subfloors (compacted grit or gravel bedding), a sturdy SK42 stable mat would be a better choice.

For stable alleys, however, we recommend elastic interlocking pavers. They are as sturdy and durable as stable mats, but easier to install in irregularly-shaped alleys. Our 43 mm thick V043 rubber pavers are robust enough to be used with vehicles and cleaning machines. We recommend interlocking pavers to be laid in: stable or barn aisle ways, grooming and washing areas, and horse walkers.

Stallplatten massiv SK42 aus Gummigranulat.
Stallplatten massiv SK42 aus Gummigranulat.

Choose the Best for Your Horse

Your horse deserves the best conditions, especially when he has to spend most of the time confined to a stall. When buying the flooring, consider all the above-mentioned properties, necessary for you and your horse's well-being. Choose stable mats made in Germany, which quality has been proved by hundreds of our satisfied clients, and buy them directly from the manufacturer at the best price!

Warco stable mats and the toilet area
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