Cutting tiles

  • The tiles which are 18 mm - and 30 mm thick may be easily cut with a sharp knife, and it the 18 or 30 mm thick plates of terrace WARCO be cut quickly and accurately to the required size right on site.
    close The tiles may be easily cut with a sharp knife, and it the 18 or 30 mm thick plates of terrace WARCO be cut to the required size right on site.

    Easy cutting
    on site

    Experienced practitioners take a sharp knife to cut the elastic WARCO tiles to the required size quickly and safely. Before cutting, the line should be marked on the tiles that would correspond to our installation situation. More cuttings, drawn along a well-fixed support, is enough to cut the tile neatly.

Easy cutting — a free form or a straight line

Provided that we have the right tools and we apply the appropriate technique, all WARCO products are easy to cut. By its very nature, the polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate behaves similarly to wood. Accordingly, the best tool used for the tile-cutting is a wood saw.

  • A circular saw with a supporting rail is ideal for cutting straight lines accurately.
    close A circular saw is ideal for cutting straight and precise lines.

    Balcony flooring
    cut with a circular saw

    A handyman equipped with a circular saw with a suitable coarse blade and a supporting rail may easily and accurately cut WARCO tiles.

Circular saw

The 10 x 10 cm tile sections that are sent by WARCO company as samples are cut by a powerful building-site table saw , with a coarse blade for straight cuts. The integrated blade guide ensures consistent cuts. While cutting, spread the tile apart from the blade to prevent the cut-up parts from slowing down the saw blade.

The table saw is the right tool to shape grooves in the underside of safety tiles or patio floor, so they can be laid on a metal roof with standing seam.

  • We may easily cut the flooring tiles with a jigsaw equipped with a suitable blade and supporting rails.
    close A jigsaw equipped with a suitable blade can easily cut the flooring tiles.

    Working with a jigsaw

    Jigsaw is a universal tool that can be used for the cutting of the safety tiles, balcony or terrace flooring made of rubber granulate. Even an inexperienced handyman can cut the tile precisely according to the previously marked straight or curved lines.


The handy jigsaw is the ideal tool for cutting curved lines, for example for posts, playground equipment, railings or installation of drains. Also irregularly shaped fitting pieces, for example, for a natural stone wall, may be easily adjusted with a jigsaw. Many customers do the whole cutting with a jigsaw, since apart from the coarse tooth-blades that this tool is equipped with, there are also blades that are especially adapted to rubber-cutting. We recommend that the intended cut-out line should be always marked on a tile with a pen.

  • Chain saw with an engine is independent of a power access, so it can be used anywhere where WARCO tiles need to be cut.
    close Chain saw can be used anywhere where WARCO tiles need to be cut.

    for cutting horse matting

    The stable mats SD42 are relatively hard; they consist of technical rubber. With a chainsaw, these tiles may be easily cut to the desired size.


There are clients who use a chainsaw to cut stall mats, safety tiles or terrace flooring. We have not tried it ourselves. According to reports, it works very well, which is not surprising since the chainsaw is primarily destined for wood-cutting and is also suitable for WARCO products.

  • A sharp knife or a cutter will make an excellent tool for cutting WARCO tiles.
    close A sharp knife or a cutter are ideal tools for cutting WARCO flooring.

    Cutting flooring
    with a knife

    Working with the knife and the levelling bar as a support requires some practice, but it is the fastest and the most effective way for accurate cutting of the tiles made of rubber granules right at the installation site. Of course, this technique is only suitable for performing straight cuts.


A sharp knife with a suitable, strong blade and a profiled grip can be used to do straight cuts on the tiles. Cut the plate, at best on a metal or wooden guide rail, with several strong and quick moves. With every cut you get deeper into the tile, until it is finally cut through. This technique requires some practice and dexterity, but allows for rapid work.

We can also cut off the material on the underside of the granulated rubber tile with a knife in order to adapt it to irregularities in the existing subfloor or with the offset-installation of the tongue and groove tiles, we may easily remove a disturbing element of the tile's structure.

Metal saw

A saw for metal or ceramic tiles, hacksaws or fine-toothed saw blades (saw blades for steel) are absolutely not suitable for cutting WARCO rubber tiles.

Further examples

  • Before cutting the tiles the cut-out lines should be marked. Cutting tiles
    Before cutting the elastic tiles by WARCO, the cut-out lines should be marked on the tile's surface first.

    cut-out lines

    Before using a knife or a saw, we should precisely mark the cutting line. A piece of chalk or a thick, wax pencil, and of course, a ruler might be used for this purpose. Before the actual cutting, we should double check on the consistency of the marked line with the intended measure.

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  • A circular saw is used to obtain straight cuttings of the balcony tiles. Circular saw
    A circular saw is used for straight and neat-cuttings of the balcony tiles.

    Circular saw
    for straight cuts

    Cutting of straight lines is easy. It goes particularly well with a table saw or jigsaw. In any case, make sure that you have a suitable coarse toothed saw blade for cutting wood. A support frame and adjustable rails simplify the work. In this way, you may do appropriate cutting professionally, for example, when the installation of a drain grate is necessary.

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  • WARCO tiles can be cut with different tools. Various tools
    WARCO flooring tiles may be cut by means of different tools.

    Various tools
    for cutting

    Various tools can be smartly used to tailor the WARCO tiles to our customers' individual needs. For neat, straight cuts, a circular saw with a coarse toothed saw blade is the most suitable. Stall mats of SD42 type can be easily cut with a chainsaw. And for smaller, more intricate work such as adjustments to the base, a knife would be just perfect.

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  • The 18 mm-thick tiles can be cut with a knife.  Easy cutting
    The 18 mm-thick balcony tiles may be cut with a knife.

    Precise trimming
    of the balcony flooring

    Many WARCO customers lay the terrace or balcony flooring by themselves. Cutting of 18 mm-thick tiles is also quite simple. It may be done with a good cutter or a sharp knife, placed on a metal rail to do the neat and straight cuttings of the tiles.

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  • Each DIY craftsman may cut the safety tiles with an appropriate household tool. Cutting safety mats
    Each DIY craftsman may easily cut the safety mats with a proper tool.

    Safety mats
    - easy to cut

    No special equipment is required to cut the WARCO tiles exactly to intended size. As it can be seen at this building site, a steady hand, a jigsaw with a suitable blade and a wheelbarrow are the tools which are needed to prepare the safety tiles for precise fitting.

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  • A jigsaw and a steady hand are the best tools for cutting WARCO tiles to the right size.

    Cutting the elastic flooring
    with a jigsaw

    The elastic floors by WARCO consisting of rubber granules are made of irregularly cut rubber particles and polyurethane (as a binder). When cutting, this material behaves similarly to wood. Accordingly, all machines and tools, which are suitable for woodwork can be used in the processing of the elastic tiles.

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  • A sharp knife and a levelling bar are enough to cut 18-mm thick tiles into straight and neat pieces.

    Cutting the balcony flooring
    with a knife

    In case of thin, interlocking tiles with a zip, and 18 mm-thick balcony flooring, it is advisable to take a knife for quick and neat cuttings and place the tiles on a metal rail while cutting. Depending on the pressure on the knife several cuts done in the same depth are required. The knife is quickly pulled through the tile. Also make sure that it rests on a stable and cut-resistant surface.

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  • Round or square cut-outs for drainage grids or posts are cut accurately right on site.

    A cut-out
    for a water drainage grid

    With a bit of technical skill and the right tools, it is not a problem, to cut out rectangular or round edging from a WARCO tile.

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