Paving grid

Product Code: WG16
Manufacturer: WARCO
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The porous paving grid made of recycled-plastic is a solid, economical and easy-to-lay material for an environmentally-friendly surface reinforcement. It is well-known for its grass paving variant, which is used on green fire rescue paths and other near-natural surfaces which are only occasionally trafficked. The porous paving grid is also used to build a permanently solid base course on natural soil or grit, in order to install rubber granulate mats on it (safety tiles, terrace tiles or equine mats). The grid allows for DIY installations without much effort on unbound base courses.

Important information:

  • load-bearing capacity: 160 t/m2,
  • 1 piece = 0,235 m2,
  • colour: grass-green,
  • material: plastic.
  • This is an add-on item and is only available with our rubber products.