Palisade 600 x 250 mm

Product Code: RP06-0
Manufacturer: WARCO
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The round WARCO palisades are available in four heights, from 40 to 100 cm. All of them are characterised by a very stable construction (25 cm in diameter), an integrated anchor tube for safe mounting in a concrete foundation and a concave profile thanks to which palisades can be assembled in a row without gaps. 5 palisades are needed to form one linear metre of bordering.

RP06 palisade is 60 cm high; it is manufactured from rubber granules and fibres (from tyre recycling), bonded with polyurethane. The surface of a palisade is open-pored and slip-resistant. Elastic palisades are sound-absorbing and fall-attenuating, permeable to water and weatherproof. The palisades are typically used for the protection of slopes, to design straight or curved edging for sandboxes, playing fields or playgrounds, and to border flower beds. Color and design are subject to production tolerances. Dimensions relate to the nominal dimension at standard temperature (format tolerance 2%, height tolerance 2 mm).