Elastic wall cap 50 mm

Product Code: SR15-1
Manufacturer: WARCO
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Delivery time: 7 - 21 days
Net Price: £31.68 / piece £37.70 / piece
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The elastic wall cap is an ideal way to turn dangerous and unattractive wall edges such as sandbox edging, into a safe and comfortable seating area with really simple resources. It can secure free-standing walls up to 400 mm thick as well as rises and landings embedded in a surface. Then the outside, chamfered side of the wall cap serves as an anti-stumble measure. The elastic SR15 wall cap is made of black, single-variety rubber granules (from tyre recycling) bonded with brick-red coloured polyurethane. The elastic wall cap is water-permeable and quick-drying due to micro canals between granules.

Important information:

  • brick-red coloured tyre rubber granulate,
  • weight: 16.2 kg / piece,
  • gluing to the subfloor,
  • plastic connectors help with the assembly,
  • capping brick or concrete sandboxes, curbs or hard seating elements,
  • triple effect of fall protection, anti-stumble and seating element of high quality,
  • size tolerance: 2%, height tolerance: 2 mm,
  • color and design are subject to production tolerances.