Elastic kerb edging

Product Code: RV51-0
Manufacturer: WARCO
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Kerb edging is a building element similar to a plank, which is used to edge a paved or tiled surface on an unbound base course. Kerb edging, embedded vertically in concrete (with backing), borders the surface and prevents the tiles from drifting away. Surfaces or their segments which are already bordered (a wall, lawn edging, and similar) do not need additional bordering with elastic kerb edging.

Elastic kerb edging RV51 consists of black, single-variety rubber granulate mixed with a binding agent (polyurethane), pressed into a desired form under pressure and heat. The elastic kerb RV51 is flexible, water-permeable, cushioning and weatherproof.

Typical applications:

  • bordering play and leisure areas
  • edging paths
  • edging beach volleyball courts and sand play areas

Important information:

  • format: 1000 (l) x 250 (h) x 50 (w) mm,
  • weight: 10 kg / piece,
  • embedding in concrete, gluing optional,
  • installation on unbound subfloors,
  • size tolerance: 2%, height tolerance: 2 mm,
  • color and design are subject to production tolerances.