Terrace balcony rubber tiles

Terrace balcony rubber tiles

Terrace balcony rubber tiles
  • Terrace close to nature with tiles in Rattan-Lounge design
    close Creating a Terrace

    A noble terrace

    Natural stone gabions, elegant garden wicker furniture, WARCO terrace tiles in Rattan Lounge color are the dominant features of this elegant design integrated into the garden terrace.

Enjoy your terrace and balcony with our easy-care tiles!

All terraces and balconies are exposed to alternating weather conditions, such as noticeable temperature fluctuations during various times of the day and the changing seasons. There are also constant variations between dry or humid conditions and frost affecting the flooring's material and structure. As for the durability of our terraces and balconies, factors such as gradual decomposition or thermal expansibility of the flooring material play a decisive role here.

In case of regular ceramic tiles which are glued directly to the floor screed or mechanically stuck to the existing base course, they are going to flake or chip sooner or later. Due to the varying weather conditions, cracks will appear in the flooring's surface, and occurring humidity may penetrate and damage the floor and the base course from the inside out. Similarly, it applies to all other types of the floor covering (including coating) that is fixed to the subfloor.

Decoupling the floor and a subfloor from each other

In order to avoid the damage of the terrace or a balcony, the structural layers must be mechanically separated from each other. It is easy in practice; however, one must only make sure that the individual layers are not rigidly connected to each other or that particular layers are made of durable and elastic material.


  • Terrace tiles by WARCO are installed directly on the roofing felt.
    close Rubber terrace floor tiles are installed on the roofing felt.

    Easy renovation
    of a roof terrace

    Elastic WARCO terrace tiles may be installed directly on the existing or renovated subfloor made of roofing felt (bitumen sheeting). Gluing is not necessary, since the elastic tiles have been produced with an integrated form-fit connection system.

Each load-bearing subfloor is suitable

An optimal solution to all typical problems and pitfalls occurring during a terrace or a balcony renovation, are elastic WARCO tiles which may be laid directly on an even and load-bearing subfloor. For unbound base courses we should prepare a layer of compacted grit or gravel while in case of bound subfloors — concrete, asphalt, tiles, bitumen or roofing and metal sheets, hard foam, pool liners, grid, floorboards or planks — almost every base course may be used. On the other hand, sand or round gravel would not be a good choice; over time, those loose-fill materials will move under the tiles.

  • With basic DIY skills, the terrace is renovated in the blink of an eye.
    close DIY terrace renovation

    Elegant, durable
    and comfortable!

    The result of the terrace renovated by yourself is something to be truly proud of. With minimal effort and deliberate choice of materials you may create an elegant, comfortable and durable roof terrace — a perfect leisure space for the whole family.

A wide selection of various types the tiles is beneficial here. We may choose among products ranging from 18 mm, to 30 mm or 40 mm-thick tiles with quite a low weight from 14 to 32 kg per metre square.


  • Upper and underside of terrace tile with tongue and groove in the colour design called Atlantic.
    close Terrace tiles with drainage

    Terrace tiles with
    tongue and groove system

    The square WARCO terrace tiles with tongue and groove system have a drainage system integrated in underside of the tile. The tiny micro canals constitute a fast and reliable water drainage. The edges of the tiles are formed as a shiplap with a tongue and groove system that provides a stable and long-lasting connection between the tiles; all without gluing, nailing or fixing to the flooring.

Water-permeable and quick-drying with a built-in drainage

Terrace and balcony tiles by WARCO are water-permeable and non-slip on their entire surface. Therefore, they make an ideal choice for swimming pool surrounds or a flooring under showers. On the tiles' underside, there is a drainage system incorporated in the tile's structure.

Depending on the intensity of the precipitation, the water seeps completely or partially through the micro canals among the rubber granules and then, following the water pressure or gradient, the water flows away from the underside of the tiles. No puddles remain on the tiles, they dry quickly, and when they are installed on an unbound base course, the ground is not sealed.

  • The underside of the terrace tile with a tongue and groove connection system and the drainage.
    close The underside of the WARCO rubber floor tile with a drainage.

    The underside of the tongue and groove tile

    The particularly effective connection system of WARCO tiles with a tongue and groove is equipped with an integrated drainage. We may also easily adapt the tile's shape to the existing subfloor (by cutting); the installation of the elastic tiles is also incredibly simple. All those benefits clearly distinguish WARCO flooring of the mass of other similar products.


Terrace and balcony WARCO tiles consist of rubber granules bound by polyurethane, so from to irregular particles of shredded rubber up to 3 mm on the edge length which are bound by polyurethane. The material is placed in special forms, similar to a waffle maker, and is subsequently 'baked' in the tiles of different dimensions. Rubber obtained from recycled tyres may not be the best option for a terrace, roof terrace, flat roof, balcony or walkway, because the tyre rubber is not permanently UV-resistant. Instead, WARCO tiles processed and produced of only high quality EPDM granules which are uv-resistant and more durable should be used in the aforementioned places.

Many properties of the flooring can be varied by the choice of raw materials or the production of tiles with adjustable parameters, such as hardness, elasticity, the degree of insulation, UV stability, flammability or water permeability — all those factors may be tailored for the particular use of the tiles.


Winter- and frost-resistant

WARCO balcony and terrace tiles have got one thing in common: they are absolutely frost-resistant and cannot be easily damaged. Both rubber granules and the binder are elastic materials, therefore WARCO floor tiles also retain high flexibility. As a result, water that freezes inside, under or on the tiles, does not damage them. And this is the guarantee for many years of trouble-free flooring. Naturally, the tiles should not be assembled in the place where so called 'standing water' (puddles) occurs.

Flammability protection built in

Terrace and balcony tiles made of EPDM fulfil the fire class Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1). It means that the product has a low flammability denoted as B1 according to the previously used construction material class DIN 4102-1. Safety tiles and other elastic tiles from tyre granulate NR/SBR are produced in accordance with the fire class Efl (normally flammable B2).


  • Playing and walking barefoot on WARCO flooring is an incredibly pleasant sensation
    close Playing on the rubber flooring.

    Pleasantly soft elastic flooring

    WARCO flooring has got a pleasant elastic feel like a forest floor, yet it is so stable that we may use garden furniture and high heels on it. Families, seniors, athletes — all appreciate the feel-good practical comfort offered by WARCO tiles.

Insulation against sound, cold and heat

The insulating effect of WARCO flooring is particularly useful. The tiles made of EPDM granules do not only isolate against heat and cold but they also protect against noise and vibrations very well. Another crucial thing is that this type of flooring may reduce noise pollution caused by falling objects — like it happens in case of martial arts or ball games. Particularly impressive is the sound insulation of WARCO tiles on balconies, in which the flooring was previously made of metal. By placing the elastic balcony tiles the noise resulting from using of the metal flooring disappears completely.

The thermal insulation of the tiles from EPDM rubber granules has an energetic effect on us and positively influences our health. Walking barefoot on the elastic flooring is pleasant, giving a slightly springy sensation that which may be compared to walking on the forest floor or on a carpet. Both adults and children enjoy sitting on the tiles, doing gymnastics and playing various sports. Our Customers from southern regions of Europe, where the climate is so much warmer, confirm, that the areas under roof terraces covered with WARCO tiles, do not heat up as they did before renovation and installation of new flooring.

  • More robust and easy-care flooring for beer garden
    close Beer garden rubber floor.

    Perfect flooring for gastronomy

    The flooring for a beer garden and a restaurant terrace is particularly robust, but also it is easy to clean and attractive. Thanks to the integrated drainage system they do not seal the ground. It should be emphasised that WARCO tiles meet all the requirements of the public and private flooring and provide thermal and acoustic insulation as an added benefit.

Robust and resilient

Terrace and balcony WARCO tiles are elastic, but at the same time, they are also extremely stable and durable. We may use garden furniture, pots with plants and walk in high heels on the rubber granulate surface. Another WARCO product — equine mats produced for stalls and stables is resilient enough to be installed in the areas where even studded horses may safely use the flooring. Therefore, the quality of WARCO tiles is suitable not only for flat or house owners; they also make a perfect solution for balcony or terrace renovations in residential complexes or rental units. All the tenants and landlords be happy with the comfort and durability of our economical elastic flooring.


  • Before and after; renovated terrace.
    close Renovated terrace

    Before and after — awesome transformation!!

    It is always surprising with how little effort an old terrace may be easily transformed by laying new elastic, comfortable tiles of WARCO. A wide palette of colours and designs will make every makeover an individual venture and will give us an opportunity to create our own unique, aesthetic space.

Easy-care with a self-cleaning effect

All household members are pleased with an easy-care terrace and balcony flooring. All specks of dust or pollen are easily washed away by the rain, therefore we may speak about a self-cleaning effect here; we can also clean the tiles by means of mop and water.

Tougher stains, such as leaves or soil on the terrace in the garden may be removed by a pressure cleaner. Care and maintenance cost is incredibly low.

Easy to install by DIY or by a local craftsman at a low cost

The assembly of WARCO tiles is so easy that you can do it yourself or with a help of every handyman, or a local artisans familiar with the montage of the tiles, which is explained in detail in our section with the installation tips.

  • WARCO tiles may be installed on EPDM roof insulating sheet
    close Rubbre granulate tiles may be installed on roof

    Flooring on EPDM roof insulating sheet

    The best way of providing a balcony, terrace or roof terrace with a durable and inexpensive insulation, is the use of high-quality EPDM roof protective sheet. The foil is available in dimensions of up to 15 x 65 m, so that a welding of individual roofing membranes is often no longer necessary. Terrace tiles by WARCO may be assembled directly on the EPDM roofing sheet as an attractive flooring and durable protection for the roof insulation.

It is particularly advantageous to use the tiles with the interlocking zip connection system with the code BZ or TZ. The precisely profiled zip teeth on the edges of the tiles are wedged into each other and form a three-dimensional form-fit interlocking combination, without glueing and edging.

Professionally assembled terrace and balcony WARCO tiles can be easily uninstalled and used elsewhere with its full functionality again, and in the process of the re-installation the tiles are not damaged. In case a piece still gets destroyed in the process of reinstallation, it may be exchanged without any problems.


Further examples


  • Frost-resistant terrace tiles by WARCO in the attractive design Rattan Lounge make a perfect addition to the garden polirattan furniture. Elegant terrace
    Terrace tiles in the design Rattan Lounge


    Modern garden furniture made of polirattan is elegant, long-lasting and comfortable; this is why it makes a perfect match for every terrace. Elastic and easy-care tiles in the attractive colour design called ‘Rattan Lounge’ is especially recommended for garden polirattan furniture.

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  • At first glance, it is not so obvious that the homogeneous flooring of this modern terrace consists of individual terrace tiles. Modern terrace
    Modern flooring on the terrace


    With the installation of the WARCO flooring, individual tiles constitute such a homogenous surface that their structure is not so obvious at first glance. The resulting effect of the arranged tiles is not only exceptionally aesthetic, but also durable, frost-resistant, easy to maintain, child-friendly and comfortable.

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  • In the design called ‘Embers’ reds clearly dominate; they are topped off with orange and black vivid tones. Those warm colours recall us the embers in a wood fire Colour ‘Embers’
    ‘Embers’ colour of WARCO rubber floor tiles.

    Colour ‘Embers’

    Warm colours on the terrace evoke cosy atmosphere. In this warm-coloured terrace flooring, tones such as red, yellow, orange and brown predominate. Elastic tiles by WARCO, here in this especially appealing design called ‘Embers’, are also available in other colours, formats and connection systems.

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  • With the flooring in the color ‘Dandelion,' the terrace is simply designed as a continuation of the existing garden. Two-coloured terrace
    Renovating terrace garden


    Where does the terrace start and end? It is enough to install the WARCO flooring in the green-yellow color design ‘Dandelion’ and there will be a hardly noticeable boundary between the garden and terrace. Thanks to the elastic WARCO tiles, the transition between the lawn and the garden will be smooth and not so evidently perceptible for the eye and foot. In the illustrated garden terrace, the railings and the grey terrace flooring create an inviting, monochromatic space.

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  • We may easily transform a terrace into a winter garden, all by means of a removable glazing. The elastic flooring is water-permeable, safe and ensures insulation against heat and cold. Glazed winter garden
    Winter garden flooring

    winter garden

    It's worth creating a winter garden on your terrace by means of a removable glazing; in this simple way you may extend the season beyond the summer months. Here, a suitable flooring would be a perfect addition to the glass walls. Elastic and comfortable WARCO terrace tiles are particularly beneficial for such an aesthetically designed space. They may be easily reinstalled, and what is more, they are weather- resistant and frost-proof, durable and color-fast. The tiles also ensure insulation against noise, heat and cold.

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  • During the installation of this terrace on a slope, elastic tiles with an ingenious interlocking connection system with zip-teeth have been used. Thanks to this stabile montage, the stones forming the curved shape of the wall allow the terrace flooring to fit organically into the existing hillside.

    A hillside

    When designing a terrace on a slope, we must make the most of the forms and materials used for its construction. In this case, we find a particularly interesting contrast between the light, natural stone wall, grey tiles and modern terrace furniture. The curved shape of the wall combines the functionality and form. The same idea is reflected in the flooring where the zip-teeth create a strong and durable connection between the individual terrace tiles.

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  • With the terrace tiles by WARCO you can easily create a beautiful and practical terrace all by yourself.


    To create a terrace in a house or a garden with the most affordable and attractive terrace tiles by WARCO, you really do not need large technical skills. The tiles are easy to assemble directly on almost every load-bearing and stable base course, therefore you may do it on the already existing surface. The tiles are available in different colours and sizes, so you can design and assemble your dream terrace at an affordable price all by yourself.

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  • The terrace equipped with the tiles in an attractive, bright ‘Travertine’ colour design is an elegant addition to the winter garden.

    garden terrace

    The terrace is extended from the elegant winter garden straight onto the lawn. The bright, cheerful color of the tiles called ‘Travertine’ creates a seamless transition between the flooring and the winter garden area, enhancing it visually. The elastic ‘Travertine’ terrace tiles are permeable to water and slip-resistant. What is equally important, they may be easily cleaned, making the winter garden stylish and functional all year round.

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  • It is incredibly simple and affordable to renovate a terrace with WARCO terrace tiles.

    Holiday house terrace

    Many owners of a summer house ask themselves a question how to change the renovation of an existing terrace into an investment that would be both durable and affordable. Well, the answer is simple. Our refurbishment may be carried out in two steps: first, it would be a good idea to cover the terrace with an EPDM roofing membrane, and then, directly on top of the sheet, we assemble our durable, weatherproof and frost-resistant WARCO tiles.

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  • The design of a terrace with practical WARCO tiles in the color design 'Embers' is a good idea.

    in warm tones

    It is a great idea to equip your small terrace with a flooring that would be practical, attractive and easy to clean. Comfortable patio and terrace furniture is just as important as a durable and a comfortable terrace floor. The elastic tiles by WARCO are available in numerous vivid and decorative color designs which will help to create a lovely terrace for the whole family.

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  • High quality terrace tiles - Pleasant flooring

    Pleasant flooring

    The elastic WARCO tiles made of rubber granules bound by polyurethane are super comfortable and pleasant in touch which makes them an optimal flooring for running, playing and relaxing. They insulate well against noise, heat and cold; they also provide fall protection. The terrace tiles are made of high quality coloured EPDM springy rubber granules, creating an incredibly comfortable surface. In this picture our flooring tester - Yorkshire Terrier Charlie proves this true by choosing WARCO tiles for a perfect place to have a little rest in the sun;-)

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  • The spacious roof terrace at the open-­air fitness studio in Zurich invites you to take up active relax over the rooftops of the city.

    Roof terrace
    in Zurich

    High above the roofs of Zurich, there is the huge roof terrace of an open-air fitness studio. It was all designed with elastic terrace tiles by WARCO in the colours 'Light Granite' and 'Dark Granite.' When deciding on the application of rubber granulate tiles, the owner was convinced about their favourable properties.The high-quality look and pleasant feel of the elastic sports safety flooring may be offered solely by WARCO.

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  • The inviting flooring by WARCO adds special curb appeal to the terrace restaurant. Green and beige shades dominate in the colour design called 'Savannah'.


    Due to the attractive, quality elastic flooring, the terrace restaurant has turned into a truly welcoming space. The terrace tiles are weather-resistant, easy to clean, sound-absorbing and insulating against heat and cold. WARCO flooring can be installed permanently or seasonally, and garden furniture may be used on it. After the season, it is easy to uninstall the form-fit, interlocking tiles and store them for use till the next season.

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  • There are square elastic tiles in ‘Light Granite’ colour design installed on the summer house terrace.

    Summer house terrace

    The terrace of a summer house should be not only attractive and comfortable, but also easy to maintain, weather-proof, frost-resistant and durable. Terrace tiles by WARCO offer all these favourable properties — they ensure both thermal and acoustic isolation, they are water-permeable and thanks to the built-in drainage system, they remain dry even after a rainfall. The design of the tiles on this terrace is called ‘Light Granite’. The tiles are also available in 14 other colours.

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  • Only a little courage is needed to transform a drab look of your balcony into a colourful oasis of wellbeing for family and friends


    If there is no access to sunlight on your balcony, whether due to its location or shape, a bright and colourful design is recommended. When choosing a balcony flooring, make sure that the wall paint, furniture and plants will match your new inviting vivid colour. In this rustically furnished balcony, WARCO tile color called ‘Embers’ brings energy and positive atmosphere to the newly refitted space.

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  • A balcony framed in black and white colours, is timelessly elegant and classically modern. The black tiles by WARCO add a special charm to the balcony area.

    Black&white balcony

    We can create a modern balcony with very little effort. The black and white colours leave plenty of room for both innovative and classic stylish components and accessories thanks to which our balcony will look elegant and stunning. The black floor tiles by WARCO emphasise not only the modern design, but they make also a particularly pleasant and durable flooring for every weather.

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  • In WARCO colour palette there is a grey balcony flooring in three different variants. 'Light Granite', 'Classic Granite' and 'Dark Granite' are available options.


    The elastic balcony flooring in the colour 'Light Granite' actually looks like granite, but has much better properties. It can be laid directly on the roof sheeting, weighs only about 13 kg / m², is permeable to water and frost-proof. It is also very family-friendly, as compared to the real granite, the surface of WARCO tiles is elastic and protective. This light-grey, neutral colour of the balcony flooring fits in a timeless and classic design adapted for every surroundings.

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  • Terrace and balcony tiles by WARCO are very easy to install. Precise cutting out of the tiles during the montage is possible without any problems.


    The terrace and balcony tiles by WARCO can be simply cut with a tool as typical jigsaw or circular saw. Thus, the terrace floor has been precisely adapted to the profile of the enclosing walls or doors.

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