Equine mats

Equine mats

Equine mats
  • Only one good look is enough to realise that the new stable mats in the pasture hut are the best choice.
    close The new rubber granulate WARCO stable mats are the best choice for a pasture hut.

    Horses like WARCO
    equine mats

    WARCO stable mats are made of high quality raw materials, namely, of pure rubber granulate and polyurethane. Therefore, unlike poor quality stable flooring from China, they do not give off unpleasant rubber smell. Therefore, horses immediately adapt to the newly installed stable comfortable flooring.

Economical equine mats and elastic pavers in the stable!

Many horse owners know from experience or hearsay that horses may be kept with a particularly low cost on elastic and water-permeable stall mats. It is also favourable for a horse because the mats considerably improve the stable climate. They simply ensure long-lasting comfort, as the amount of dust in the stable is significantly diminished. Equine mats from rubber granulate are a perfect choice for every stable owner because they reduce maintenance costs connected to the bedding, manure cleaning and the vet.

Good stable mats are particularly robust

Stall mats are considerably overloaded in daily use. First of all, it is a matter of the mechanical impact of the horse's hooves; secondly, urine, wet horse manure and by-products of their decomposition (e.g.ammonia) are chemically aggressive and can negatively affect the flooring, i.e., causing it to swell. The stall mats by WARCO are ideally suited to maintain the overload; what is more, they are uniquely designed to deal with all the problems and pollution occurring in the stable.

They consist of more than 90% pure rubber granules, i.e., from irregular particles of shredded rubber with up to 5 mm of the edge length. It is so called 'technical rubber' which is particularly resistant to typical chemical substances in the stable. The rubber granules are mixed with a binder, in this case — polyurethane, and then, just like huge waffles, are pressed into large iron forms.

Water-permeable with a built-in drainage

Formed in this way, equine flooring has got a porous and a non-slip surface. A network of micro canals pervades the stall mat so that liquids can quickly seep through the canals, among the granules onto the ground. On the underside of the mat, drainage canals are formed, which help the fast outflow of the liquids. When properly used, stall mats are always dry, with no puddles or wet spots on their surface.

  • The montage of the stable matting is quite simple and requires neither technical knowledge, nor special tools.
    close The installation of the equine mats is very easy and requires neither technical knowledge nor special tools.

    Equine mats
    - easy to install on the stable floor

    The area ready for the installation of the stable flooring should be completely enclosed so that the assembled mats do not shift. The stall mats should not be either fixed or glued to each other or to the existing subfloor. We may start the installation from the corner, laying the tiles tightly next to each other, plate by plate and row by row.

Thermal and acoustic isolation

Stall mats and interlocking pavers made of rubber granules ensure an insulating and cushioning effect. They absorb noise and vibration and insulate against heat and cold. In the horse stall and around the stable, those properties bring numerous benefits. The surface of the rubber granulate mats is slightly springy, elastic, similar to the natural, original horse's environment — steppes and grasslands, where horses stand, walk or trot. Horse stall mats by WARCO protect the horse's legs, tendons and joints. The resilient material, polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate, cushions and absorbs falls, while decreasing the horse's leg fatigue. In addition, the matting insulate well against noise, therefore, the sound of horseshoe hitting the ground is noticeably attenuated.

  • Equine mats are recommended especially for a resting area in an open stable.
    close Horse mats are a good choice especially for a resting area in an open stable.

    A model open stable

    With a good planning and the proper use of WARCO equine matting, this type of flooring is an asset to every kind of stable, be it a conventional box, a playpen, an open stall or pasture hut: the floor remains clean and dry and it isolates the horses against the cold and moisture. By installing economical equine mats, we save on the cost of traditional bedding and a vet as with the rubber granulate mats there are no problems with dust and allergies occurring in case of the bedding.

Rubber itself does not ensure a warm temperature. Therefore, offered by some retailers, thin stable mats made of solid waterproof rubber are always cold and can only be used with traditional bedding. Consequently, keeping them in the horse box does not make much sense.

The 40 mm thick WARCO stable mats made of air-cushioned rubber granulate with an integrated drainage and with an insulation k-value of about 2.8, effectively protect the horse against cold when it is lying on the floor in winter. On some harsch winter days, when the temperature goes down and it gets exceptionally chilly, the traditional bedding may be used as an additional temporary isolation too.

Stable matting or elastic interlocking pavers?

Regarding all stable resting areas such as a horse box, playpen, paddock, open stall, pasture hut or a shelter, WARCO rubber granulate stall mats are the best choice.

The stable flooring can be easily installed on every stable, permanently load-bearing base, i.e., concrete, asphalt, pavement, slatted surface, grit, gravel or crushed stone without gluing or fixing. It is no problem to uninstall the matting, i.e., for thorough cleaning of the stable's flooring in summer.

Corridors, paths around the stable, grooming or washing areas, and especially horse walkers should be equipped with pavers made of rubber granules. This elastic interlocking flooring is particularly robust (compared to the tiles, it lacks a distinct structure on the underside) and is installed permanently. Especially the owners of walkers appreciate the flooring which needs almost no maintenance and stays mud- and dust-free in all weather conditions.

The stable matting made of rubber granulate offers the horse a safe, natural state, also when it is lying down and standing up. The flooring is neither too hard nor too soft, and it ensures optimal support and security. Every now and then special equine soft mattresses or nap mats are advertised, however they are not most favourable for a horse; on the contrary, these products are waterproof and thus, they may be potentially damp. Secondly, the horse is naturally adapted to live on a stable and hard ground (originally on a steppe), not on soft, peaty soil which would be more appropriate for an elk. Therefore, so called nap mats constitute a more adequate product for elk-keeping.

Warco stable mats and the toilet area

Bedding on equine mats?

In the conventional, daily use of horse boxes, there is only one exceptional instance, when equine matting is not totally horse-friendly. In case of urinating on rubber mats, a soft flooring would be a much better ground to avoid the unpleasant effect of splashing of the urine, like it happens with the rubber flooring. This is not only uncomfortable for the horse, but also not hygienic at all for the stable.

Whenever horses spend several hours a day in the stable, and the urine may not be absorbed into the ground like it happens on a meadow or a sandy area, it might be convenient to organise a toilet area in the box. Usually, about one metre wide strip of the box should be left out, separated by a wooden beam and ought to divide the box from the rubber matting. Then, the created narrow 'toilet area' should be covered with traditional bedding.

In the conventional horse boxes, this method brings solely benefits:

  • the horse has a 'toilet corner' for the optimal comfort when urinating,
  • the urine is retained in the bedding placed in the toilet area,
  • the cost of maintenance gets reduced by about 70%,
  • the stable mats remain dry and clean at all times,
  • the horse benefits from the insulating effect of the stall mats, unlike with a cold and bare concrete flooring.

It is also possible to install WARCO equine mats as a comfortable stable floor in a box and then, as usual, we may lay the traditional bedding there. In this method, we should make sure that the box's surface is assembled with a thick layer of the straw that would adequately absorb the accumulated urine.

  • An example of a particularly horse-friendly open stall where the physiological needs of the horses were taken good care of.
    close This is a horse-friendly open stall where the physiological needs of the horses were taken good care of.

    open stall

    The open stable for a group of horses is located on a large, paved surface. The stall’s floor is divided into two parts, where the resting area has been equipped with stall mats and a specially allocated toilet area is covered with absorbent sawdust. In general, equine urine does not rest on hard surfaces; it splashes which is unpleasant for the horse. Since it pollutes both the stall mats, as well as the neighbouring concrete pavement, a toilet area should be created and separated by a wooden beam from the resting area in this open stable. Subsequently, it should be covered with traditional bedding or a layer of absorbent sawdust. A clean and a simple solution!

An affordable and a profitable investment

One-off investment in the stable matting is by all means manageable; moreover, we may gain considerable savings on the purchase, storage, use and disposal of the traditional bedding in 10 up to 12 months. Then, with the long-lasting WARCO stable mats we save many years of spending hard cash. By following the WARCO installation tips, the montage of the equine flooring may be done in the blink of an eye.

As for the maintenance, when swept daily, occasionally cleaned with a hose and kept free from urine and pollution, the stable mats should last for about 10 years. The actual life-span of the product is always dependent on the intensity of its use and care, like it would happen in case of another product, i.e., a car.

To summarise again: WARCO stable matting made of rubber granules bound by polyurethane are elastic, slip-resistant, water-permeable and quick-drying. They insulate against noise and cold. They can be quickly installed on any stable, level surface. Furthermore, they are weather-resistant, rot-proof, easy to clean and durable.

WARCO stall mats are definitely a horse-friendly and an economical stall flooring worth recommending in horse keeping.

Further examples

  • Robust 42-mm equine mats for horse box are anti-slip, and isolate well against heat and cold. Stable mats
    Durable 42-mm WARCO equine mats for horse box are anti-slip, and isolate against hot and cold temperatures.

    Stable mats

    WARCO stable mats made of rubber granulate are elastic, water-permeable and quick-drying.

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  • Stable mats made of rubber granulate may be cut with a wood saw. Stable flooring
    WARCO equine mats made of rubber granulate may be cut with a wood saw.

    Stable flooring

    WARCO equine mats may be installed on every load-bearing subfloor and you can easily do it yourself!

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  • Anti-slip, isolating and robust paddock mats are produced by WARCO. Paddock mats
    Slip-resistant, isolating and robust paddock mats are produced by WARCO from rubber granulate.

    Paddock mats

    With WARCO durable equine mats, a flooring in the open box remains dry and slip-resistant in every weather conditions.

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  • WARCO flooring has numerous applications; it may be used in aras where farm and domestic animals are kept. Elastic mats
    WARCO flooring may be used in aras where farm and domestic animals are kept.

    Elastic mats

    WARCO elastic flooring ensures a dry and an isolating surface for all farm animals.

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  • The open-pore surface of the elastic pavers is slip-resistant in dry and wet conditions. Elastic pavers
    The porous surface of the rubber granulate pavers is anti-slip in dry and wet conditions.

    Elastic pavers

    Heavy-duty, protective and isolating flooring made of elastic pavers can be installed in every horse walker.

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