Safety tiles — the optimal flooring for fun and sport?

The good flooring for sports and leisure should offer an optimal combination of functionality, efficiency and safety. On playgrounds, under climbing walls and around play equipment, a safety and fall protection legal requirement according to the EN 1177 norm should be fulfilled. Also, in sports and fitness, factors like elasticity, fall attenuating and insulating properties of the flooring (in case of gym, dumbbell sport, CrossFit, Martial Arts) are of the utmost importance.

Safety tiles made of rubber granulate

This is where safety tiles start. They are produced of rubber granulate bound by polyurethane agent, therefore, irregular particles of chopped rubber with up to 3 mm edge length are moistened with polyurethane binder and then, pressed into form sheets designed for the tiles of various dimensions.

Many properties of such a prepared safety tile may differ due to the type of raw materials used or the production of adjustable parameters. Therefore, features like hardness, elasticity, insulation, UV stability, flammability or water permeability may be regulated in accordance with the most beneficial, intended use of the produced tile.

For every application, no matter if it is sports or leisure, outdoors or indoors, WARCO may offer a standardised flooring which optimally meets all the requirements.

  • Safety tiles made of rubber granules are manufactured in special forms, similar to giant iron waffle-moulds.
    close Safety tiles are produced in special forms, similar to giant iron waffle-moulds.

    Production of safety tiles

    The manufacturing of safety tiles is similar to the procedure of baking waffles. The 'dough' of the safety mats, being the mixture of rubber granules and polyurethane, is evenly distributed into special moulds and then baked under pressure in high temperature. The preparation of the WARCO tiles with tongue & groove system or interlocking zip requires considerable dexterity and care.

For the rentability of the investment, it is of particular importance that when the product is used and installed appropriately, its ensured properties remain for the period from about 8 to 50 years.

  • WARCO tiles are permeable to water and slip-resistant in wet and dry conditions. For this reason, this elastic flooring is very often laid by the pool and also under showers.
    close WARCO tiles are very often laid by the pool and also under showers.

    Swimming pool tiles

    Ceramic tiles at the swimming pool may be a little tricky. Wet tiles can be slippery and falling on their hard surface can lead to nasty injuries. Also, frost damage enforces frequent renovations of the flooring. Here, economical elastic safety tiles by WARCO will make a perfect choice as swimming pool tiles. They are made of rubber granules, therefore, their surface is absolutely frost-proof and slip-resistant in dry and wet conditions. Water permeability of the WARCO flooring is so high that the tiles can be installed even under a shower and the water flows directly through the them.

Water-permeable with an incorporated drainage

Safety tiles by WARCO are on their total surface highly water permeable and slip-resistant in dry and wet conditions. Therefore, they may be installed as a safe flooring in swimming pools under showers.

On the underside of the safety tile, there is a well developed network of drainage canals, that liquids can go through. Naturally, good water permeability on a playground is a very important aspect. Thanks to these properties, the tiles dry quickly, and the playground can be used also in wet weather conditions without any limitations. On the water-permeable safety tiles by WARCO there are no puddles, mud and slush, no rotting wood chips and no soaked sand either.

The good water permeability of WARCO safety tiles has a positive impact on the environment and finances.

  • A playground in the garden or in a park is created on an unbound base course. A plastic stabilising grid is ideally suited as sub-floor stabilisation. During the installation, the grid is filled with sandy gravel.
    close A plastic stabilising grid is ideally suited as sub-floor stabilisation. During the installation, the grid is filled with sandy gravel.

    Safety with a stabilising grid

    Protection against fall from a particular height of play equipment is now a basic requirement on every publicly accessible playground. In the garden or in a park, instead of sealing the soil with concrete, we should lay the safety tiles on an unbound base course. It may be stabilised by means of the economical grid quickly and easily. The safety tiles are then installed on the sub-floor reinforced with the special stabilising grid, filled with sandy gravel.

Outdoors, where there is no concrete, asphalt or a paved area where a risk of falling occurs, safety tiles are assembled on special stabilising plastic grid filled with a layer of crushed stone (grit) or gravel. The ground is not sealed, and rain water or dew can freely infiltrate; thus, there is no need to install an expensive drainage or sewer system port on the ground.

Speaking of the environment: safety tiles by WARCO are a renowned, environmentally friendly product. In over 90%, they consist of rubber granulate derived from discarded tires, thus the recycling process occurs here. What is more, WARCO safety tiles can be re-utilised again at the end of their use.

Tiles with low-flammability are also available

Safety tiles made of tyre granulate NR/SBR are produced in accordance with the flammability class Efl (EN 13501-1). This means normally flammable B2 class according to the previously used building materials belonging to the class DIN 4102-1. When a higher fire class rating is required, then we recommend the use of terrace tiles made of EPDM rubber granulate. This product has the same properties and dimensions as the above mentioned safety tiles made of tyre granulate, however, the EPDM tiles are produced in more attractive colour designs. Due to the fact EPDM granules are resistant to UV rays, the tiles retain their colour even in the sun-exposed regions. In addition, they fulfil the fire class Cfl-s1 (according to EN 13501-1) which means that they are characterised by a low flammability according to the old construction material class DIN 4102-1.

Thermal and acoustic isolation

On top of the long list of beneficial properties of elastic WARCO tiles, an insulating effect should be definitely added. Safety tiles do not only insulate against heat and cold, but they also cushion against vibrations and noise.

We may reduce the noise pollution resulting from sound impact (accompanying ball games or present at doing martial arts or weightlifting). When installing safety mats in the playroom or gym, the neighbourhood's 'noise pollution' is noticeably and significantly reduced.

The thermally and acoustically insulating properties of the safety mats made of rubber granules have not only an energetic, but also a healthy effect on us. The experience of walking barefoot on the elastic tiles is pleasant, soft, with a feeling of flexibility as on the forest floor and warm as if we were walking on a carpet.

Adults and children enjoy sitting on the tiles, playing or training gymnastics and doing all kinds of sports.

  • School playground and a private garden used as a basketball court made of safety-and ball-game tiles by WARCO.
    close School playground is used as a basketball court made of ball-game tiles by WARCO.

    Ball game pitch

    Standing around during a school break or rather a dose of active movement that activates the circulation and decreases aggression. A basketball court in the schoolyard motivates the students to exercise and leads to better learning results. Equally, in the home garden, a small basketball pitch is a great solution. In any case, a little playground may be easily and quickly installed with safety-ball-game tiles by WARCO. They ensure a durable flooring, which is maintenance-free, usable in all weather conditions and always hygienically clean. As a free bonus, the ball game tiles ensure fall protection and increased security during the play.

Maintenance-free and easy-care

A maintenance-free, fun-and-sports surface made of safety tiles is independent of the weather conditions and it is usable all year round. Unlike in case of lawns or meadows, there are no dust remains on the tiles in dry periods and no mud in rainy seasons.

Safety tiles are hygienically dry, resilient to rotting and mould does not occur on their surface. Elastic flooring is not used as a toilet area by pets, as it happens in case of sand. What is more, unlike with elastic rubber granulate tiles, leisure places filled with sand have to be cleaned or exchanged at least once a year in order to eliminate impurities and pollution.

  • Nowadays, on each publicly accessible playground, fall protection is required by the law. Therefore, protection against a potential fall from play equipment should be ensured and the places around such equipment should be properly secured. Insufficient fall protection can lead to serious accidents and personal liability of the playground owner.
    close Protection against a potential fall from play equipment should be ensured and the places around such equipment should be properly secured. Insufficient fall protection can lead to serious accidents and personal liability of the playground owner.

    This is how a playground shouldn't look!

    For each playground equipment there is a maximal fall height and a fall area. In case of the latter factor, a special protective flooring must be installed; it would permanently secure the space around the maximal height of the play equipment. Unsuitable or even non-existent fall protection, such as rotting bark mulch, sand that is carried around or trampled grass degrade the playground and involve high risk of legal responsibility for its owner. The playground in Diedesfeld shows all possible errors and omissions in one place.

Loose-fill materials do not pay off

Once installed safety tiles retain their shape for a long time. Loose-fill material such as sand, safety gravel, bark mulch or wood chips will be dispersed by the kids, therefore, they must be regularly refilled or replaced. Also, sand, gravel and bark mulch assembled on play areas, may be intentionally or unintentionally trekked away, with shoes and clothes in the day-care center or school. In case of protective gravel appears also a security problem if the stones are thrown by kids.

In case of WARCO safety tiles, care and maintenance are minimal over the whole period of the flooring's use.Once properly installed, the safety tiles meet all the requirements without additional expenses. They constitute maintenance-free and thus the most economical flooring for all areas where fall protection is necessary.

Childishly easy installation

Particularly convenient is the use of those safety tiles equipped with the interlocking zip-teeth on their edges and thus belonging to WARCO safety mats TZ (interlocking zip) series. They combine the advantages of an assembled on-site, jointless protective surface and universally applicable safety tiles.

On the playground, the tiles with interlocking zip connection system do not become a subject of vandalism or a theft. The zip— teeth are profiled precisely along the edges of the tiles, creating a three-dimensional interlocking connection system. As the form-fit binding is truly steadfast and durable, it is not possible to uninstall single tiles from the surface without appropriate tools and a lot of patience. Also, in order to protect them against unauthorised modifications and theft, gluing of the tiles on their edges can be further applied.

There are WARCO ready-to-install-tiles safety tiles made of polyurethane-bound rubber granulate, but we can also meet so-called 'seamless' safety flooring— in the form of a smooth surface without open joints. Here, the mixture of rubber granules with a polyurethane binder, similarly to asphalt, is laid out by a specialist company on the carefully prepared surface with a special machine. The advantages of the non-structured surface are contrasted by some major disadvantages it may generate. The installation and repair of seamless protective surface is very expensive and a reinstallation or a dismantling of such a flooring without its damaging is simply not possible.

  • When assembling the tiles in the chequered pattern, we halve the outer row of the tiles, their edges and corner-elements may be installed in an attractive and economical manner. Such halves are laid as the beginning elements, while the others function as finishing components.
    close When assembling the tiles in the chequered pattern, we halve the outer row of the tiles, their edges and corner-elements may be installed in an attractive and economical manner.

    Installation scheme

    We may create a particularly attractive and economically laid surface when we plan the edge of the area arranged as a symmetrical frame made of the tiles' halves of the same size. Every tile in the outer row should be halved. With one of such pieces, we may begin the row of tiles, wile with the other half we may finish it. Similarly, the corners are created by means of double-halved tiles, namely, of quarter-pieces. Luckily, an economical asset here is no material waste and the installation of the tiles (with the dimensions of 50 or, respectively,100 cm) can be properly planned and efficiently used in the surface.

Cutting of WARCO interlocking safety tiles is unbelievably easy. The edging for the assembled tiles is made through the halving of the tiles right on site without any material waste.

  • The tiles's edges and corner pieces may be prepared throughout cutting of every tile in the outer row in two halves, or respectively, in quarters.
    close The tiles's edges and corner elements may be prepared throughout cutting of every tile in the outer row in two halves or in quarters.

    Cutting the edges

    The edge and corner elements may be cut to the right dimensions on site. A symmetrical edge of the surface may be achieved when in the external row, every tile is cut in two halves. To obtain a corner piece, we should cut one tile in 4 even, quarter elements.

Properly installed safety WARCO tiles may be reinstalled or removed easily without damage and used elsewhere with their full functionality again; the installation or a reinstallation of such flooring is non-destructive for the tiles. In case, however, one or several tiles do get destroyed permanently in the course of the extensive use in the target area, it is possible to replace them easily and without high expenses.

  • The bouldering wall is covered with plexiglas through which we can see sandstone installed underneath. Safety tiles provide appropriate professional fall protection matching the given critical fall height value.
    close Safety tiles provide appropriate professional fall protection matching the given critical fall height value.

    Safety under a bouldering wall

    In case of a bouldering wall, the value of the critical fall height may not exceed 300 cm. Safety mats made of rubber granulate may ensure legally required protection up to this above-mentioned value. Plexiglas has been chosen as the appropriate material for this bouldering wall so as not to cover the sandstone underneath. Naturally, the safety tiles that have been laid here provide a heavy-duty and easy-care flooring.

Fall protection with a critical fall height value up to 300 cm

There is a wide variety of WARCO safety tiles available for different, precisely tailored conditions and the planned use of the tiles. In order to secure the area under play equipment and climbing walls, special tiles up to 300 cm critical fall height value are produced.

Ball game mats are a slightly more robust version of a safety tile which fulfils the requirements of a football pitch, a small playing field or a basketball court with an optimal ball-rebound rate.This type of indoor safety tiles is also a good solution for weightlifting and strength training.

  • Safety tiles and safety mats ensure the best and cheapest fall protection for any type of playground and playground equipment. Safety tiles offer permanent flammability protection according to the norms EN 1176 and EN 1177.
    close Safety tiles offer permanent flammability protection according to the norms EN 1176 and EN 1177.

    Protection according to norms

    With WARCO protective mats and secure sports tiles, we may safely go to the playground. The tiles can be installed (almost) anywhere without much effort. They are weatherproof and they will not decay; another important factor is that they require no maintenance, care, or additional work. They guarantee many years of permanent fall protection in accordance with the statutory requirements of EN 1176 and EN 1177.

The installation of safety tiles on a bound sub-floor, particularly those with zip-teeth is very simple and does not require any special technical skills. Many WARCO customers lay the tiles either by themselves, or with the help of a local handyman.

To sum up, it has been proved true that WARCO safety tiles make the most optimal flooring for fun, sports and games!

Further examples

  • It is childishly easy and it makes great fun to install your terrace either by yourself or with your family. DIY terrace
    It is easy to install your terrace either by yourself or with your family.

    Terrace play area
    simply do it yourself

    The installation of WARCO terrace tiles is a child's play. It is sufficient to have an even and a load-bearing sub-floor; what is more, no edging is necessary.You may also do a DIY installation on your terrace that is covered with a roofing foil, roofing felt, ceramic tiles, hardwood or concrete. The installation system of WARCO makes your work easy. As you do not have to glue the terrace tiles to the sub-floor or fasten them on a sub-frame, all you must do is to assemble the tiles on the existing base-course. Thanks to the integrated smart connection system profiled on the tiles' edges, you can simply join the tiles with each other ensuring a stable flooring. Nevertheless, when necessary, the tiles may be removed at any time and reinstalled elsewhere. Using simple tools and with little effort, you can easily invest short time in creating an attractive and a heavy duty terrace for all the family; what is more, you can do it yourself!

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  • With safety tiles, WARCO has designed the TEJAY's kindergarten in Munich. Kindergarten
    With safety mats and a climbing frame, WARCO has designed the garden belonging to the TEJAY's kindergarten in Munich.

    Kindergarten in Munich

    The kindergarten's neglected garden has been transformed into a safe area and the playground has been equipped with attractive and affordable safety mats. Now, TEJAY'S kindergarten Munich Alt-Solln has a weatherproof and clean WARCO play surface made of green and grey safety mats. Simultaneously, the new, low-maintenance flooring ensures fall protection under the playground equipment in the kindergarten.

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  • Safety mats are the right flooring when a terrace is also used as a training area for gymnastics and fitness training. Terrace gym
    Safety tiles are the right flooring for a terrace training area.

    Terrace gym

    Gymnastics and training in the open air, on a terrace or a balcony, is not only fun but also keeps you fit and healthy. In case of this brick building in Hanover, grey safety mats were chosen as an economical and stable training floor for gymnastics on the terrace. The safety tiles are robust enough to maintain even garden furniture and training equipment on it.

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  • In Switzerland, in CrossFit-Box® in Aarau, the 18 mm thick elastic tiles have been installed as a fitness flooring. WARCO tiles
    In Switzerland, the 18 mm thick elastic tiles make a perfect fitness flooring.

    CrossFit-Box® Flooring

    CrossFit® has been widely considered to be a balanced, versatile and creative fitness training. It may be done at home, in the open air, or in a CrossFit® box. What is particularly important, is the comfort and safety combined with fall-attenuating and sound-absorbing flooring. Like many other CrossFit® trainers, CrossFit® Aarau team in Switzerland has also opted for the elastic and safe fitness floor by WARCO.

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  • Safety mats are available in many colours and sizes. Safety tiles
    Safety mats are available in many colours and sizes. A proper matching design may be found for every play area requiring safety flooring with appropriate fall protection.

    Colourful safety mats

    Typical colours for fall protection mats are anthracite, brick-red, gras-green and cement-grey. These vivid tones can be used to design a multicoloured and a cheerful playground area. The format of the safety mats may be either 50 x 50 or 100 x 100 cm in the thickness ranging from 18 to 100 mm.

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  • A playground in a private garden must be safe. Therefore, on such an area, fall protection is obligatory in case other children have access to the playground too.

    Garden playground

    The legal regulations regarding safety apply to every public playground, including a play area in a private garden which can be used also by other children (even without the consent of its owner). Therefore, the playground floor should be made appropriately safe. Affordable safety mats make the most optimal solution here, especially when they may be easily installed in every garden.

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  • Every quick-up pool is safe and clean on the underlay made of rubber safety mats.

    Secure pool underlay

    A quick-up pool brings the summer-holiday atmosphere in the garden. Thus, to keep the delicate bottom of the pool free from damage, the ground not softened by the bath water and all the bathers safe and without injuries, anti-slip and elastic fall-protection-mats should be used as the pool's underlay.

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  • Only 20 cm of the floor under the garden floor trampoline stands out. To ensure optimal security while playing, the area under the trampoline has been covered with safety elastic tiles.

    Safe trampoline

    A floor trampoline has this big advantage that it is hardly noticeable in the garden. Because the trampoline is installed on the ground, it does not require a safety net. In addition, it is surrounded by a hedge. In order to enhance the optimal safety and to guarantee durable fall protection, easy-to-install and affordable elastic flooring may be a great solution here.

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  • When climbing a bouldering wall, a partner standing close to the wall secures the climber on the rope. Additional safety may be ensured by the slip-resistant safety tiles under the bouldering wall.

    Secure bouldering wall

    Nowadays, climbing a bouldering wall belongs to one of the most popular sports. It is independent of the weather, available on site, with various levels of difficulty for both beginners and experienced climbers. In order to ensure maximum safety and stability of the helpers who secure the climbers with a rope and to protect against a potential fall, elastic safety tiles are installed under the bouldering wall.

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  • Climbing a bouldering wall is great fun. Fall protection is guaranteed by a partner holding the security rope and the safety mats under the climbing wall.

    Protection with safety mats

    Team sports, games and active leisure are great fun! Climbing a bouldering wall is particularly attractive. Also because elastic sports surface by WARCO is installed under the wall to ensure optimal security. Safety mats made of rubber granules are installed quickly, they are durable, easy-care and provide effective protection against a potential fall.

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  • A playpen (or a game fence) is a practical matter, not only at home but also in the garden. By fall protection ensured by elastic protective playground tiles, safety and comfort are significantly improved.

    Hygienic floor

    A playground safety tiles installed in the garden playpen is easy to be kept clean regardless of the weather. Elastic safety flooring ensures high security and additional comfort during the play. The safety tiles can be easily tailored and adapted to the shape of every playground equipment and installed on a suitable sub-floor in the garden.

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  • The installation of safety tiles with an interlocking zip system has got a fair price. After the installation, safety tiles are permanently connected with each other by the interlocking teeth.

    Proper installation

    Safety tiles which are not interlocked with each other, have a tendency to form open joints. WARCO offers a connection system where there are three-dimensional teeth profiled on the tiles's edges, creating a form-fit connection between the tiles. The installation of the safety tiles therefore goes smoothly and the safety tiles create a durable and a stable surface.

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  • An indispensable part of your fitness room facilities within your own 4 walls will be a good elastic and protective fitness flooring.

    Fitness floor

    A private home fitness room is handy; you may train here whenever you feel like it. Beside other fitness facilities, an elastic and cushioning flooring comes here as a part of indispensable training equipment. This fitness floor is safe and fall attenuating. It insulates against cold and impact sound. The tiles are incredibly easy in installation as they create a stable connection with each other.

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  • An installation of a quick up pool on grass, concrete paving or grit is not recommended. Instead, the assembly of elastic safety WARCO flooring as the pool's underlay is a good solution.

    Floor under Quick Up Pool

    The montage of a quick-up pools should be planned in such a way so that the delicate material the pool is made of, stays free from damage, it does not sink in the mud and its users do not get injured. Hence, the elastic, anti-slip and water-permeable safety tiles are recommended as a particularly economical solution for the pool's underlay. After the 'bathing' season, the area can be used as a terrace or play area.

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  • Kids have a lot of fun on the nest swing on the playground. As a result, there are no tears when the anti-slip protective flooring is installed under the rope swing.

    Protection under a swing

    A nest swing on the playground encourages a social interaction among children. Experience says that at times, the children's play on a nest swing may be connected with the risk of a fall. Therefore, fall protection, not only under the swing itself but on the whole playground is an essential factor. The good news is — the elastic tiles by WARCO ensure the necessary safety!

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  • Climbing a bouldering wall is recommended by experts as a school-break activity. When designing such a wall, there should be calculated and installed a 200cm-stripe made of safety fall-protection flooring.

    Safe climbing wall

    A bouldering wall on the school-break-playground or a patio is an excellent opportunity for students to do some development-promoting activity, and at the same time, it is a good chance to balance physical exercise with learning. Planning and construction of the bouldering wall with a protective flooring may be done either by yourself or by a specialist company. To ensure optimal fall-protection security for the climbers, it is recommended to install a 200 cm wide strip of elastic safety tiles under the wall.

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  • The climbing tower with a slide is particularly popular on playgrounds because it is a versatile piece of play equipment. Proper fall protection under and around it may be ensured through the installation of safety tiles made of rubber granules.

    Safe climbing tower

    Provided with a climbing wall, slide and climbing net, a climbing tower is nowadays a part of standard playground equipment. All the relevant safety parameters such as fall protection area and free-fall height rate are calculated according to the individual dimensions of a particular playground site. Low-maintenance and comfortable safety tiles made of rubber granulate, can be adapted to every possible playground requirements.

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  • Since safety tiles have been installed on the playground, the flooring is independent of the weather and designed for versatile use.

    Safe play

    A children's playground can be real fun only when it is made safe, easy to clean and weatherproof. The playground floor plays a crucial role here and is decisive about the availability of the playground for use. Safety mats by WARCO may be installed very easily with little effort on almost every sub-floor and they make a particularly economical flooring for all playgrounds.

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