Interlocking pavers

Interlocking pavers

Interlocking pavers
Stallmatten und Stallplatten fur Pferdebox.
Stallmatten und Stallplatten fur Pferdebox.


Rubber Interlocking Pavers – Robust Flooring with Great Design!

Unlike ubiquitous concrete pavers, these interlocking pavers are pleasant in use, easy-care and great-looking! One of the sturdiest rubber granulate products with countless applications.

Concrete interlocking pavers are well-known from footpaths, parkings and pedestrian areas. They have been in use for over 50 years, mostly in the double-T form, and they have earned a great reputation for being particularly durable and weather resistant.

Unlike other rubber granulate products, rubber pavers have no profiling on the underside – thanks to that they are sturdy enough to be used with reduced traffic or in horse-keeping.

With our elastic interlocking pavers, you gain much more! Besides outstanding durability, frost-resistance and sturdiness, Warco rubber pavers will look and feel great in any surroundings.

A Resilient Product for Demanding Areas

We especially recommend them on any kinds of paths, squares and other recreational areas where there is a need for a sturdy, yet safe and child-friendly flooring. This is true about:

  • areas accessible to pedestrians and vehicles, such as pedestrian zones, footpaths, bike lanes, parkways, urban rest areas, parking spaces, fairgrounds, village squares, 
  • public places with intensive use, e.g. patio bars, beer gardens, hotel terraces, nursing homes, hospitals,
  • industrial flooring - as non-slip surfacing on unloading zones, 
  • driving range on golf courses, 
  • horse walkers and stable alleys.

Interlocking pavers can be easily used in combination with other Warco rubber granulate products, like terrace tiles (on paths and other irregular surfaces), stable mats (on barn aisle-ways) and safety flooring (for example, when a sports ground is also driven by cars). Because of their standard format, our rubber pavers can also be combined with Behaton-type concrete paving block.

Verbundpflaster aus Gummigranulat als frostsicherer und dauerhafter Bodenbelag.
Verbundpflaster aus Gummigranulat als frostsicherer und dauerhafter Bodenbelag.

Non-slip, Breathable, Economical

Staying on the elastic, rubber granulate interlocking pavers is really pleasant, since they also insulate against sound, heat and cold. Here, your feet won't be cold. Open-pored surface is slip-resistant in dry and wet conditions. Rubber granulate paving blocks are liquid-permeable and even after heavy rains there are no puddles left; the surface is all-year usable, regardless of the weather. Rain water goes through micro canals in the paver to the subfloor, where it seeps down to the ground. At the same time, fine dirt and contamination is washed away. Elastic interlocking pavers, just like other rubber granulate products, are absolutely weatherproof and frost resistant; ice can't do any harm to them.

WARCO feel-good interlocking pavers are particularly economical. The investment costs are reasonable, while upkeep and maintenance expenses - extremely low. Over many years, and without further follow-up costs, interlocking pavers made of polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate have been a weather-independent, all-year usable flooring for urban areas. The durability of a properly applied and used interlocking pavement comes to 15 years and more.

Elastisches Verbundpflaster wird in Pferdehaltung und Freizeitflächen benutzt.
Elastisches Verbundpflaster wird in Pferdehaltung und Freizeitflächen benutzt.

Thanks to their characteristic shape, paving blocks form a secure interlocking pattern with consistently narrow joints. The installation of interlocking pavers is childishly easy. Rubber pavers can be installed on every even subfloor with permanent load-bearing capacity (grit, gravel, concrete, screed, asphalt, etc.). Lay rubber pavers tightly, leaving no gaps. You don't need to glue them to each other but make sure they the surface is edged. Neither do you use a surface compactor, or sweep sand over the surface! You can give any form to the end and edge pieces easily and fast with a wood saw.

Last but not least: interlocking pavers made of polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate do not present any health risks and they prevent accidents. This kind of product has been used for decades on playgrounds, in schools and kindergartens. It is particularly environmentally friendly and, at the end of life, it is easily disposed of or recycled.

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