for every fitness-studio

for every fitness-studio

for every fitness-studio
  • The beneficial rubber granulate mats made by WARCO company becomes increasingly popular as a protective flooring for training in fitness studios.
    close The rubber granulate flooring becomes popular in fitness studios.

    for training and fitness

    The 30 mm thick safety tile with an integrated tongue and groove connection system is installed directly on the existing flooring in the gym. Thanks to the smart tongue and groove system, the tiles are joined with each other in a form-fit connection. As a result, WARCO flooring may be easily re-installed many times and assembled elsewhere without problems-it’s that easy! If required, you may cover your flooring with WARCO safety tiles only partially, in the areas designed for various types of exercise.

An optimal flooring for sport and fitness

A perfect fitness flooring is characterised by outstanding shock absorption and good stability. Thanks to its excellent fall-attenuating properties, WARCO flooring prevents all sport amateurs from getting injuries and protects their joints especially in a fitness studio, or a room for martial arts. In addition, elastic sports floor reduces the noise of dropping weights and the used training gear. It is also important that the sports surface is slip-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean.

Wellness, fitness clubs, strength training and physiotherapy

WARCO safety tiles are particularly beneficial. They consist of rubber granulate (chopped into irregular rubber particles with up to 3 mm of their edge length) which is then mixed with a polyurethane binder and then pressed into special forms. Many features of the safety tiles can vary regarding the structure of the used materials or adjustable parameters in the course of production. Thus, factors like elasticity, hardness, insulation, fire protection or water permeability belonging to the concrete requirements of the fitness floor can be regulated accordingly.

For specific applications including games, sports and leisure activities both indoors and outdoors, WARCO offers a safety flooring that perfectly meets all the necessary requirements of a particular training area. In order to attain the maximum profitability of our investment, it is particularly important to ensure the appropriate use of the installed sports surface so that it could retain all the properties over its expected, usual period of application.


Warm, soft and comfortable

The thermal insulation of the WARCO wellness mats made of rubber granulate is enhanced by their health-promoting elasticity. Walking barefoot on the tiles could be compared to walking on a forest floor — it gives us as a pleasant, slightly springy feeling. The surface is also warm like a carpet which intensifies the positive effect. It is a pure pleasure for the whole family to relax, play, do fitness work-outs and train sports on the elastic flooring.

Water-permeable with a built-in drainage

WARCO wellness tiles are highly water permeable on their entire surface, therefore they are slip-resistant in dry and wet conditions. As a result, these tiles may be installed in the wellness resorts with saunas, hot tubs or swimming pools around the shower area. On the whole underside of the elastic tile there is a network of drainage micro-canals through which water can flow away.


  • The elastic rubber granulate safety tiles by WARCO cushion the impact of dumbbells during the weight dropping.
    close The rubber granulate mats cushion the impact of dumbbells during the weight dropping.

    Weightlifting and strength
    training mats

    Whether intentionally or accidentally, barbells are dropped repeatedly during training. Therefore, an efficient protective flooring that absorbs the force of the impact and reduces the barriers for weightlifters and bodybuilders is of particular importance in every fitness studio. Available in different thicknesses and hardnesses, safety mats by WARCO allow each training area in the gym to obtain the proper isolation.

For weightlifting, strength training and fitness

WARCO manufactures a specialised range of products for indoor protective mats destined for short and long barbell-lifting areas as well as a ball game flooring for cardio and work-out. Not only do the elastic tiles ensure maximum safety for athletes, but they also guarantee protection for the floor.

In order to avoid tripping hazard, strength training platforms installed in the gyms may be secured by means of elastic wedge-shaped edging elements, also made of rubber granules.

  • With the elastic EPDM granulate safety tiles by WARCO which are available in 15 color design options, you can transform every gym into a safe and attractive place
    close With the safety mats by WARCO you can transform every gym into an attractive place.

    Attractive design of a fitness studio

    Not only function, but also the design and durability are important factors which play a decisive role in all sports areas. In all the requirements provided by high-class fitness studios for sports clubs or CrossFit boxes we may include the functionality ensured by the top quality elastic surface by WARCO. The favourable fire class Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1) works as an asset here.

In case of specially constructed floor-gaps destined for weight drops, it is recommendable to install the tiles belonging to TZ series (with an interlocking zip) in the form of protective training platforms bordering precisely with the existing flooring.

During the installation, we may build a two-layered surface; the subfloor made of safety tile FS (the model with connectors) and the upper layer assembled with the interlocking tile type TZ which is foreseen for weightlifting platforms or for the areas which are particularly exposed to the weight drops.


Childishly simple installation and multiple use

It is particularly easy to use WARCO interlocking tiles belonging to TZ and BZ series. The precisely moulded three-dimensional zip-teeth on the tiles’ edges interlock with the adjacent tiles creating thus a form fit and a stable connection.

The installation of the tiles of NF type (with the tongue and groove) is equally easy; connection system prevents the tiles from shifting and cupping. Furthermore, our numerous Customers find the classic, square design of NF tiles to be particularly attractive.

Professionally laid WARCO elastic tiles can be uninstalled without problems and used elsewhere with their full functionality again. In case a tile gets seriously damaged in the course of use in the area, it is possible to substitute it with another piece quickly and easily.

Attractive colours for interior design

WARCO manufactures tiles in two material qualities.

  • Particularly high-quality elastic flooring made of coloured EPDM rubber granules are sold under the name of terrace, balcony or patio tiles. They are available in 15 attractive design variants.
  • Under the concept of ‘safety tiles’, WARCO denotes the products which are made from tyre rubber granules and a colourless or a coloured binder. Here, due to we also deal with is a real process of recycling.

Easy care flooring

After the workout, elastic mats can be easily washed with domestic cleaning products and are immediately hygienically clean.



The tiles which are made of rubber tyre granulate NR/SBR belong to the class Efl (EN 13501-1) denoting normal or standard flammability, whereas EPDM tiles correspond to the fire class Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1) which means they are low-flammable according to the old construction class B1 - DIN 4102-1 and thus, they are suitable for public areas.

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Safety mat R 30 mm
Safety mat R 30 mm £39.30
Sports floor tile R 40 mm
Sports floor tile R 40 mm £44.10
Sports floor tile R 50 mm
Sports floor tile R 50 mm £57.00
Sports floor tile R 60 mm
Sports floor tile R 60 mm £67.50
Sports floor tile NF 40 mm
Sports floor tile NF 40 mm £47.00
Terrace tile NF 40 mm
Terrace tile NF 40 mm £76.70
Safety tile S 30 mm
Safety tile S 30 mm £34.10
Safety tile S 40 mm
Safety tile S 40 mm £38.40
Safety tile S 45 mm
Safety tile S 45 mm £41.50
Safety tile S 50 mm
Safety tile S 50 mm £49.70
Safety tile S 80 mm
Safety tile S 80 mm £74.20
Safety tile S 100 mm
Safety tile S 100 mm £80.00
Interlocking pavers 43 mm
Interlocking pavers 43 mm £54.14
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