Molded parts made of rubber granulate
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WARCO - Manufacturer of molded parts made of PU-bonded rubber granules

Aus rot gefärbtem Gummigranulat hergestellte Imitate von Hackfleisch liegen in der Verkaufsschale auf dem Förderband einer Verpackungsmaschine.

WARCO, based in Neustadt an der Weinstraße in Rhineland-Palatinate, is one of the most renowned manufacturers of elastic floor coverings made of rubber granulate, such as fall protection mats, stable mats, floor protection mats, fitness flooring, rubber tiles, interlocking paving made of rubber granulate and much more.

WARCO has been manufacturing molded parts from PU-bonded rubber granulate for decades and to the highest quality standards. This material is particularly advantageous and is characterized by its special functionality:

Products made of PU-bonded rubber granules are permanently elastic and dampen vibrations, impact sound and airborne sound. They insulate against heat and cold - they absorb little heat. Impact protection mats, stable mats, floor protection mats, fitness flooring, rubber tiles or interlocking paving from WARCO are extremely durable, robust, weather-resistant and frost-proof. They also require no maintenance and little care. Of course, fall protection mats from WARCO offer EN 1177-certified fall protection for greater safety during play and sport.

Experience and trust

Experience and trustAs an expert in the development and manufacture of molded parts made of pu-bonded rubber granulate, WARCO offers genuine expertise. From the development of new products, often on behalf of customers, the construction of precise molds to series production with high-performance machinery, WARCO offers everything from a single source. This means that in-house developments and customer requirements, from small-format tiles for balconies to complex chamber filling profiles for rail tracks, can be reliably realized.

Die hinteren Hufe eines mit Hufeisen beschlagenen Pferdes stehen auf einem mit Verbundpflaster Hundeknochen aus Gummigranulat ausgelegten Hufschlag in einer Führanlage.

WARCO only uses top quality raw materials from reliable suppliers, mainly from Germany, Switzerland and France. Short transportation routes help to reduce the environmental impact.

The large selection of attractive, water-permeable and non-water-permeable rubber granulate slabs in the store demonstrates WARCO's significant market position.

WARCO's clientele includes private customers, local authorities, social institutions, tradesmen and building materials dealers from Europe and overseas.

WARCO attaches great importance to offering the widest possible range of products in order to fully cover all customer requirements. For this reason, WARCO has created the largest online store for rubber granulate flooring in Europe. "We have the functionally ideal tile type for every area of application - for smaller and larger areas such as balconies and terraces through to extensive play areas - or equestrian facilities of enormous dimensions," says Kornelia Hünniger, CEO of WARCO Bodenbeläge GmbH in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

WARCO's expertise: specialist knowledge and design standards

Der Fußboden in einem Einzelhandelsgeschäft für Wintersportausrüstung ist mit WARCO Bodenbelag im Farbdesign Delfin oder Heller Granit ausgelegt.

Whether for outdoor or indoor use, fall protection mats or fall protection tiles for games and sports, rubber interlocking paving for driveways, rubber mats and rubber tiles for balconies, patios and stairs or stable mats for animal husbandry: WARCO has the right product solution for almost every private and commercial flooring requirement. WARCO flooring is regularly far superior to other floor coverings in terms of its overall properties.

WARCO is not only committed to offering the best possible range in its online store, but also to providing the best possible advice. On this website, you will therefore find competent and objective information on the functionality, properties, possible applications, technical data and proper installation of high-quality rubber floor coverings.

WARCO is committed to the design principle "Form follows function" (FFF). One extremely successful example is the zipper mounting system for panels. It ensures a form-fit and tension-resistant connection between the panels simply by fitting them together - without tools or installation materials.

At home everywhere

In principle, fall protection slabs, rubber granulate slabs, rubber tiles and fall protection mats from WARCO are suitable for a wide variety of applications and are quick and easy to install - on any level and permanently load-bearing surface, for example on concrete, screed or tiled floors of all kinds.