Elastic flooring from WARCO: attractive, affordable, convenient

Outdoor rubber DIY tiles are the most optimal choice for every terrace and balcony.

Effortless installation

The installation of WARCO tiles is as easy as pie. Thanks to their integrated connection system the tiles interlock firmly and form an even surface.

No glueing, doweling, anchoring: WARCO tiles are simply push-fit together. The purely mechanical connection also enables unlimited re-installation without any damage to the tiles and the subfloor.

Outdoor rubber flooring by WARCO secures the area under the playground equipment.

For virtually any subfloor

Whether bound or unbound: All permanently load-bearing materials , such as grit, gravel, bituminous sheeting, EPDM roofing membrane, steel or plastic grids, concrete, asphalt, interlocking pavers, tiles, chipboard, OSB panels, rigid foam, natural stone, or sheet metal, make a suitable subfloor for WARCO’s rubber granulate tiles.

WARCO’s elastic tiles adapt to the surface of the subfloor. This ensures trouble-free installation even on a slightly uneven subfloor.

Outdoor rubber tiles by WARCO are extremely long-lasting and resistant to frost and UV rays, therefore they may be used as a garden or terrace flooring.

Great for leisure, sports, and fun

Thanks to their numerous beneficial properties, WARCO tiles make an excellent flooring wherever people and animals rest, do sports, or play, and where other types of flooring with fewer beneficial properties have proved unsuitable.

Remarkably popular

WARCO tiles are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They can be found on playgrounds, in nurseries, schools, hotels, gyms, and workout boxes, on terraces and balconies of all sizes, in museums, hospitals, spas, airports, chalets, flats, houses, and even on cruise ships. You see WARCO tiles more often than you would think—almost everywhere in the UK, in Europe, and all over the world.


  • Rubber tiles by WARCO make a specially durable terrace flooring which is frost-proof and easy to install.
    close Outdoor rubber tiles by WARCO make a particularly heavy-duty and weather-proof terrace flooring.

    Frostproof terrace tiles

    Outdoor rubber tiles by WARCO make a particularly hard-wearing and completely weather-proof flooring for every terrace and balcony.

Discover an amazing number of great features

  • Frost-resistant – no damage with freezing water, snow or ice
  • Water-permeable – quick-drying without puddles
  • No soil sealing – great for the environment
  • Noise protection – from structure-bourne, impact or sound
  • Thermal insulation – protects against heat and cold
  • Skid-resistant – in dry and wet conditions
  • Weatherproof – resistant to the sun, rain, and snow
  • Fall protective – for safe sports and leisure activities
  • Comfortable – a pure pleasure to walk and to stay on
  • Animal-friendly – pleasant, healthy standing and lying
  • Reusable – removal and re-installation any number of times
  • Vehicle accessible – cars and lorries (product-specific)
  • UV-proof – up to 50 years and more (EPDM products)
  • Low-flammable – fire class Cfl for all tiles made of EPDM
  • Easy-care – self-cleaning by rainwater in the open
  • Economical – low-cost installation, high durability, long life
  • Effortless – lay WARCO tiles DIY or hire any local handyman
  • All information about WARCO rubber flooring and samples of products are available directly in WARCO shop-gallery in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.
    close Samples and display of all WARCO products is available directly in WARCO shop-gallery in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

    WARCO gallery shop

    The display and samples of all WARCO products are available directly in WARCO shop-gallery which is located in Neustadt an der Weinstraße in Germany.

Visit the WARCO Gallery

Travelling to the Continent? Why not visit the WARCO Gallery in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, the home of WARCO tiles? The picturesque town at the heart of Germany’s most famous wine route is always worth a visit. It’s a fantastic place to relax as well as for active holidays, for hiking and biking, and, of course, for gourmet holidays and wine tastings. Find out more on the website of the Palatinate region!

The WARCO Gallery is situated right in the historic centre of Neustadt an der Weinstraße. So don’t hesitate to pop in for a hands-on experience of WARCO tiles during your town stroll! Discover the amazingly numerous application and installation possibilities the tiles offer and be inspired by the various tile types and colour designs.

For extensive in-depth information, best book an appointment to ensure that an expert client advisor will be available for you without any waiting time. If you’re travelling by car, use the Klemmhof car park. Take exit Badstubengasse, and you can’t miss the WARCO Gallery: it’s on your right, only about 15 yards away.