Elastic flooring by WARCO - beneficial, economical, attractive and safe!

Outdoor rubber DIY tiles are the most optimal choice for every terrace and balcony.

Easy installation with elastic tiles

The assembly of WARCO tiles is quite simple. Because the connection system is built directly into the tiles, it joins them closely, thus creating a contiguous surface during the installation.

The tiles have to be neither fixed nor glued with each other but simply inserted into one another. This purely mechanical connection also allows frequent re-installation as often as necessary, without damaging of the individual tiles or the existing sub-floor.

Outdoor rubber flooring by WARCO secures the area under the playground equipment.

Almost on every base-course

Nearly all types of bound and unbound, permanently load-bearing materials such as grit, gravel, bituminous sheeting, EPDM roofing membrane, a steel and plastic grid, concrete, asphalt, interlocking pavers, tiles, chipboard, OSB board panel sheets, rigid foam, natural stone or sheet metal make the proper base-course for the elastic WARCO tiles.

Slight irregularities in the sub-floor do not disturb since the rubber granulate flooring adapts itself to the base course easily.

Outdoor rubber tiles by WARCO are extremely long-lasting and resistant to frost and UV rays, therefore they may be used as a garden or terrace flooring.

Perfect for fun, sport and leisure

Unlike other types of flooring with fewer beneficial properties, WARCO tiles are useful in all those places where people and animals may rest, do sports and play.

Much more popular than you think!

In Europe and overseas, on cruise ships, schools, hotels, CrossFit® boxes, terraces and balconies of all sizes, in museums, hospitals, spas, airports, chalets, flats and houses; also in the open-air areas: they are practically everywhere. You meet WARCO tiles more often than you think!


  • Rubber tiles by WARCO make a specially durable terrace flooring which is frost-proof and easy to install.
    close Outdoor rubber tiles by WARCO make a particularly heavy-duty and weather-proof terrace flooring.

    Frostproof terrace tiles

    Outdoor rubber tiles by WARCO make a particularly hard-wearing and completely weather-proof flooring for every terrace and balcony.

Just use the WARCO flooring's properties

  • frost-resistant — no damage with freezing water or ice,
  • water-permeable — quick-drying without puddles,
  • no ground-sealing — good for the ground & environment,
  • acoustic isolation — protects against noise pollution,
  • thermal isolation — protects against heat and cold,
  • anti-slip — in dry and wet conditions,
  • weather-proof — resistant to the sun, rain and snow,
  • safe — security when doing sports and leisure activities,
  • animal-friendly — pleasant, healthy standing and lying,
  • re-installable — fitting and re-fitting as often as necessary,
  • open for vehicles — cars & lorries (depending on the product),
  • UV-proof— SBR up to 15 years, EPDM more than 30 years,
  • fire protection — flammability - Cfl for EPDM products,
  • easy-care — self-cleaning through the rain water,
  • economical — low-cost installation and high durability,
  • easy installation — by DIY or with a local handyman.
  • All information about WARCO rubber flooring and samples of products are available directly in WARCO shop-gallery in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.
    close Samples and display of all WARCO products is available directly in WARCO shop-gallery in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

    WARCO gallery shop

    The display and samples of all WARCO products are available directly in WARCO shop-gallery which is located in Neustadt an der Weinstraße in Germany.

Visiting WARCO Gallery

Neustadt an der Weinstraße is always worth visiting. Not only to admire the spectrum of colours and shapes of the flooring tiles in the WARCO Gallery, but also, it is a fantastic place for trekking, wine-tasting and relaxing. To find out more, see the website about the Palatinate region.

In order to obtain information about the WARCO flooring, simply book an appointment in the WARCO Gallery and our expert will be available with a piece of advice and his full attention ready at hand.

Find the WARCO Gallery right in the heart of Neustadt an der Weinstraße, in the pedestrian zone between the market and the Elwetritsch Fountain. It would be best to park in the Klemmhof parking facility with the access via Laustergasse, coming out from Badstubengasse.